What Is the Microsoft Store AI Hub?

The Microsoft Store has its share of highs and lows, but Microsoft brought in new AI features that will massively impact your user experience. These features include an all-new AI Hub, AI-Generated review summaries and keywords, and more.

Read on as we discuss why Microsoft is adapting AI and what the all-new AI Hub is all about.

What Is the AI Hub in the Microsoft Store?

The AI Hub is the dedicated section of the Microsoft Store that will showcase the best AI apps built by the developer community and Microsoft. Microsoft hopes that this feature will kickstart users through their AI-based app journey in the Microsoft Store. These apps will provide ideas on how users can adapt AI experiences to their daily life and express their creativity.

The Microsoft Store hosts apps like Luminar Neo and Lensa, allowing AI-based creative photo editing. Similarly, you can even build resumes with AI tools such as Kickresume.

Why Is Microsoft Integrating AI Into the Microsoft Store?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing our daily lives as we know it. Powerful AI models such as OpenAI’s GPT4 have evolved several tasks already, such as text generation, translation, web searching, and more.

All these changes have created an opportunity for leveraging AI to deliver accurate, relevant, and concise content. A lot of effort is also being put into developing AI-powered applications that boost productivity, creativity, and functionality.

Being a trailblazer in the tech industry, Microsoft has always been at the forefront of embracing AI technology. Unsurprisingly, they are taking significant steps to make the Microsoft Store more flexible, open, and valuable for all Windows users. As part of this strategy, Microsoft has integrated several new AI features into the Microsoft Store.

According to Windows Blogs, the Microsoft Store will no longer be just a place to download apps, but instead, it will aim to guide users on becoming more productive and achieving their tasks in a better way.

The Microsoft Store Gets An AI Upgrade

We’re excited to see how the Microsoft Store experience will change for Windows users now that Microsoft is integrating new AI features. To make things even better, Windows 11 is also getting a centralized AI assistant called Windows Copilot.

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