How to Transfer Funds Between Balances on Payoneer

There are many reasons why you’d want to transfer your Payoneer funds from one balance to another. For example, maybe you have money in your USD balance but want to pay for something using the GBP balance. Maybe a client has paid you in EUR, but you want to have the funds in your USD balance so you can withdraw them.

No matter the reason, transferring between balances on Payoneer is quite simple. However, keep in mind that conversion rates between currencies may vary and Payoneer charges a very small conversion fee.

How to Transfer Funds Between Balances on the Payoneer Website

To transfer between balances, start by heading to Payoneer and signing in to your account. If your account isn’t already protected by two-factor authentication, make sure to enable 2FA on Payoneer to make it safer.

Then, select Withdraw & transfer on the left side menu, and then click Manage currencies on the right.

the Withdraw and transfer page on the Payoneer website

Expand the From dropdown on the right, and select the balance with the funds you want to transfer. In the To dropdown on the left, expand it and select the balance you want to send those funds to. Enter how much you want to transfer under Amount and then click Get Rate.

selecting balances on the Manage Currencies page on the Payoneer website

You will then see how much Payoneer will send to the other balance. You will also see the exchange rate and the fees it will deduct. After reviewing the information, click Submit.

reviewing the transfer information on the Manage Currencies page on the Payoneer website

Keep in mind that it will take a few minutes for the transferred funds to appear in the other balance you sent them to.

How to Transfer Funds Between Balances on the Payoneer Mobile App

You can also transfer between balances in the mobile app after you’ve received a payment through Payoneer. Head to the Payoneer app on your Android or iOS device and sign into your account. In the bottom menu, tap Actions, and then tap Manage currencies in the menu that appears.

In the From dropdown, select the balance with the funds, and in the To dropdown, select the balance you the money to go into. Enter how much you want to send in the Amount text box, and then tap Get Rate.

Review the details of the transfer, including the amount to receive, currency exchange rate, and fee. If all of it checks out, tap Submit.

The funds will reflect in the balance you transferred them to after a few minutes.

Get Funds Into the Payoneer Balance You Want

If you need funds in another currency on Payoneer, you can easily transfer them to the appropriate balance. Payoneer will charge you a small conversion fee, but at least you will be able to have the money where you want it. And if you transfer enough funds to other balances, you can even order a prepaid debit card for them.

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