You Can Play Fortnite on a Mac, But There’s a Big Catch

Fortnite, one of the most popular battle royale games of all time, is available for macOS. You can use the Epic Games Launcher to get Fortnite on your Mac if you meet the system requirements.

However, unlike its Windows counterpart, the macOS version of Fortnite is severely limited. Here, we’ll show you how to get it and discuss the major challenges you might face when you try to enjoy this famous multiplayer shooter on a Mac.

How to Get Fortnite on a Mac

The only way to get Fortnite on your Mac is via the Epic Games Launcher for macOS. However, you should first check Epic Games’ site to see if your Mac meets the minimum requirements.

If you use an Apple silicon Mac of any kind, you should have no issues installing and running it—however, it doesn’t run smoothly on the base model MacBook Air with 8GB of RAM.

Follow these steps to get Fortnite on your Mac:

  1. Go to the Epic Games Store and download the Epic Games Launcher.
  2. After installing it, run the launcher and search Fornite in the Search Store bar.
  3. Click Download and wait for it to finish. The game takes up 95GB of your internal storage (even though the game data is less than that).
  4. Once complete, you can launch Fortnite from the Quick Launch menu on the left.

Fortnite's Epic Store page

Why Installing Fortnite on Your Mac Is a Bad Idea

While Fortnite will likely boot and run smoothly on most recent Macs, the Epic Games vs. Apple lawsuit has marred the Fortnite experience on macOS because the developer has refused to update its game.

This means there’s no crossplay support for Fortnite on macOS. You will see your friends online, but you will not be able to join in their games since they are using a different version of Fortnite from you. The only way to play is if they also use Macs.

Almost empty outfit section in Fortnite Locker

Epic Games has also blocked access to V-Bucks and the Item Shop. So, you can’t buy new skins, emotes, gifts, back blings, or anything at all. And if you bought any on another device running a more recent version of Fortnite, you won’t see it in your inventory.

This, combined with its overly bloated size, makes the Fortnite experience on a Mac very disappointing.

Will Epic Games Compromise?

There doesn’t seem to be any obvious evidence that Epic Games will compromise and let Mac users play along with everyone else again. It looks like the company has taken a stubborn stance and is waiting for a shift before taking decisive action.

However, this is mostly a bummer for gamers who just want to have some good old battle royale action without getting another device. Since it’s less likely Apple will change its App Store policies, we hope that Epic Games makes a compromise soon.

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