8 Online Programs to Help You Learn to Do a Handstand

When you think of a handstand, you likely imagine trying to do one during your childhood in the playground with your friends. However, handstands are more than just a fun kids’ activity or a circus act.

Doing handstands is a genuinely effective method of exercise with tons of impressive benefits, from strengthening your upper body and working your core to relieving stress and improving digestion. But as many benefits as handstands have, they’re not that easy to perform without regular practice. Read on to discover the best online programs to help you nail a handstand.

Alo moves learn to handstand series

Alo Moves is the perfect at-home, online studio to find tons of unique workouts, from fun online workout challenges to online Pilates classes and even energy healing programs.

That being said, Alo Moves also features a Skills series for those who want to master certain skills such as the splits, backbends, and arm balances. The best place to start is Briohny Smyth’s 21-day Learn to Handstand series on Alo Moves.

This program is suited for those at an intermediate skill level and not absolute beginners, as it centers on mastering and refining handstand techniques. Keep in mind that the series does require some simple exercise props like straps, yoga blocks, and, of course, a wall!

handstand factory handbalancing online programs

Whether you have absolutely no handstand experience or you can easily perform a one-arm handstand, the Handstand Factory has the information you need. Its online programs are in-depth and include extensive training manuals, numerous explanation videos, learning modules, and lifetime access.

Try Handstand Factory’s Push program if you still need to learn the fundamentals of a handstand, and then as you progress you can move on to the Keep Pushing program. Once you’ve worked your way through all the programs, you should be able to do a freestanding handstand push-up!

glo handstand tutorial

If your goal is to refine and perfect your handstand then Glo’s handstand guide is for you. The guide consists of four educational classes over the course of a week, starting with 20 minutes of prepping your breath, spine, and pelvis and then moving on to entering and exiting a handstand safely.

The last class is an intense Vinyasa flow session that incorporates what you’ve learned throughout the program. Glo’s platform works well no matter what type of workout or practice you’re into. It has something for everyone, even if you want to squeeze in an intense online HIIT workout or try an online guided meditation session.

you aligned learning to handstand program

YouAligned offers a comprehensive library of premium yoga, meditation, and fitness programs and classes. With seven short, step-by-step classes that take you through the most important handstand techniques, YouAligned’s Learning to Handstand program is the best place for beginners to start.

There are no exercise props needed during the program; all you need to use is a wall. What makes this handstand program particularly great is that all the classes are less than 20 minutes, so you can fit your practice in quickly without it taking up too much of your day.

balance notion beginner handstand courses

Do you really want to learn how to handstand, but you have literally no experience? If you’re in this situation then you need to check out Balance Notion’s beginner courses. They’re dedicated to teaching you how to handstand, no matter how much training you have.

Balance Notion features tons of online handstand courses starting from zero experience and going all the way to an extra-advanced course. You can move on to the advanced course once performing a perfect handstand starts to feel effortless. This is the course that teaches you how to flawlessly perform all the intricate moves such as a one-arm handstand, side bends, turning, and the figa handstand.

school of calisthenics learn to handstand

Calisthenics is the practice of using your body weight to do effective strength training. And did you know that doing a handstand is an effective calisthenic exercise? The School of Calisthenics’ Learn to Handstand program can help you nail the perfect freestanding handstand in no time.

Consisting of 6 modules, over 50 videos, and regular self-assessments to ensure you’re ready to move on to the next step, the program is certainly broad but fruitful. Along with handstand training, the School of Calisthenics also offers a variety of different training programs, including online mobility classes and programs.

handstand diary live on-demand handstand classes

Created by handstand nerd Sonja Smith, the Handstand Diary is an impressive online platform that offers not only live and on-demand handstand classes but private lessons, too. You can book a private hour-long class with Sonja over Zoom if you need one-on-one handstand guidance.

The live classes are also great, especially if you’re more comfortable with a group session but still want real-time feedback on your handstand practice. Be sure to have a look at the online class schedule to join one of their daily 30-minute handstand sessions. Additionally, there are also daily classes that focus on flexibility, movement, and strength and conditioning.

kyle weiger handstand courses

Handstands are an excellent full-body workout that challenges your mind and your body. Now you can learn how to handstand and refine your technique from professional handstand coach, Kyle Weiger.

Weiger’s online platform features four different online courses, ideal for handstand newbies as well as intermediate students. It’s best to begin with Weiger’s Three Day Handstand Bootcamp and then work your way up to the four-phase, One-Minute Handstand Pursuit, which teaches you how to successfully hold your handstand for longer.

What’s more, you can visit the Kyle Weiger YouTube channel to watch numerous videos showing you the most important handstand techniques, tips, and tricks.

Online Resources to Help You Nail the Perfect Handstand

Learning how to do a handstand is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Why? Well, because handstands can not only bring out your inner child, but they can benefit your body in more ways than one.

In addition, handstands are not impossible for an average person to perform—all you have to do is start slow and then practice, practice, practice. And with the right programs to teach you, practicing and perfecting a handstand is far from impossible. With these online programs and courses, balancing on your hands could soon become second nature.

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