How to Use the Microsoft Account Recovery Form

Microsoft is slowly pushing users to sign in with a Microsoft account. Even if you do a fresh installation of Windows 11 or 10, it asks you to enter your Microsoft account and then create the user profile and implement security measures. So, if you are switching from an old PC to a new one, using the same Microsoft account makes the transition very easy.

But what if you forgot your Microsoft password and can’t recover it after exhausting all your sign-in options? Well, Microsoft has another account recovery method to help you get access to your account.

When Should You Use the Microsoft Account Recovery Form?

Microsoft Account Recovery Form helps get you back to your account if all the other methods don’t work; however, you should only use it as a last resort. So, before using the form, you should try other ways to sign in to your Microsoft account, like a security key or Windows Hello.

You can also send a code to the registered email, but that only works if it is from another email provider. However, if the email you’re using for your Microsoft login is an Outlook account with the same password, this option becomes useless. You can also use your phone number to reset your password, but that will work only if you add a phone number to your account.

Microsoft Account

So, you should use Microsoft Account Recovery Form if you no longer have access to a device signed in with the account, a registered phone number, or a working email. Furthermore, if you secured your account with two-factor authentication, the Microsoft Account Recovery Form won’t work.

Prerequisites to Recovering Your Account With the Microsoft Account Recovery Form

To use the Microsoft Account Recovery Form, you must have the following:

  1. An active alternative email address that Microsoft will use to communicate with you.
  2. Any device you logged into using your Microsoft account in the past (Optional, but greatly helps the chances of recovery).

How to Fill the Microsoft Account Recovery Form

Microsoft Account Recovery Form is online, so you don’t need to download, edit, print, and then mail or upload it to Microsoft. Repeat the following steps to access and fill out the form:

  1. Open the official Microsoft Account Recovery Form website.
  2. On the webpage, write your email, phone, or Skype username (if you remember it).
    Microsoft Account Recovery Form 1

  3. After that, enter a contact email address to receive alerts about the recovery form status.
  4. Enter the security verification code and then click on the Next button.
  5. Microsoft will send a code to the contact email address. Open the email account and check for a verification email from Microsoft.
  6. Copy the code, paste it into the popup verification window, and click the Verify button.
    Microsoft Account Recovery Form 2

  7. Now, you need to answer a series of questions to help Microsoft understand and verify the ownership of your account before handing it over to you. Enter your name, birthday, postal address, and code on the first page. Name and birthday are mandatory, and you cannot proceed to the next series of questions without providing that.
  8. Click on the Next button.
    Microsoft Account Recovery Form 3

  9. On the second page of the questions, enter your old Microsoft password. You can even add multiple old passwords by clicking the Add another password button. Afterward, select the appropriate checkboxes of the other Microsoft products you used with the account you are trying to recover. If you purchased something from Microsoft before, such as software, a device, or a subscription, select the Yes radio button.
    Microsoft Account Recovery Form 4

  10. Enter the relevant details of these categories on the next page. Lastly, you will receive confirmation that your application is being processed, and Microsoft will resolve it in about 24 hours. Click on the OK button to close the Microsoft Account Recovery Form page.
    Microsoft Account Recovery Form 5

  11. Wait for the Microsoft email, which will share the details about the account recovery.

If Microsoft does not reset your account, you’ll have to refill the form with more details than you provided earlier. But if your answers were accurate and convincing enough to establish your relationship with the account, you will receive a password reset link. You can use it to reset your account password and start using a password manager to save the credentials.

Our Microsoft Account Recovery Experience

We tried simulating the Microsoft Account Recovery Form for one of our Microsoft accounts. We only provided the bare minimum details—name, birthday, and an old password—and submitted the form.

After a while, Microsoft replied, telling us that it couldn’t verify the ownership of the account using the information we provided. Moreover, it included a link to resubmit the form with more details.

Microsoft Account Recovery Form Reply

Besides the name and passwords, Microsoft advises you to submit the form from a computer you frequently use to access the account. You need to be descriptive with the details and submit recently used email addresses and subject lines from recent emails. We understand that this will be difficult for any user to remember.

But if it is a work or personal account, you can contact someone you frequently converse with via email. It could be your colleague, friend, or family member that can help you with the email subject lines and their email address part. In addition to recently used email addresses and subject lines from recent emails, you must answer all questions if possible.

Microsoft Outlook Stuck on Loading Screen envelope animation loop

Recall the information you submitted while signing up for the account and ensure you’ve typed the correct domain for your account. That’s because the email address you’ve registered might have been Outlook instead of Gmail. Even small details like your Skype ID or Xbox hardware ID can help you reclaim your account.

All these pointers will increase your chances of convincing Microsoft that you are the owner of the account you are trying to recover. If that fails, don’t lose hope and try again. However, Microsoft currently limits the Microsoft Account Recovery Form to two daily attempts. After you gain access, set up your account and add multiple recovery methods, including a new phone number and alternate email address to receive sign-in codes.

Regain Access to Your Microsoft Account

A Microsoft account is crucial to use the Windows operating system and other Microsoft-related products. If you ever forget the credentials and cannot get back in, try the Microsoft Account Recovery Form. Your chances of account recovery increase quite a bit, and you don’t have to create a new account.

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