5 Reasons You Should Always Keep Your Mac Updated

Some of us can be incredibly skeptical of updating macOS. And this is understandable because of Apple’s history of performance issues on older iPhone models.

However, iOS and macOS updates aren’t the same, and the many great benefits trump the potential drawbacks of keeping your Mac up to date. Here, we’ve outlined the reasons why you should update macOS regularly.

1. Better Security

Security icon on-screen with a cursor hovering over it

While Macs are generally less likely to get malware or hacked into, there’s still a good chance of getting some kind of malware, adware, or spyware on your Mac.

Malware is designed to exploit loopholes in an operating system’s security design infrastructure. Apple recognizes this and often releases software patches to ensure your Mac is as secure as possible.

Leaving your Mac outdated makes it much more vulnerable to these hackers and viruses. The older your macOS version is, the less secure it is. However, even without updates, there are still many ways to protect your Mac from malware—use them to keep your Mac as safe as possible.

2. Newer and Cooler Features

Continuity Camera on macOS Ventura
Image Credit: Apple

New iterations of macOS often come with new features that separate it from previous versions regarding visuals and functionality.

For example, macOS Ventura is visually different from macOS Monterey and also introduced many new features, including Continuity Camera, Live Captions, and Stage Manager. Together, these features contributed to the coolest macOS features of 2022.

If you’re fine with missing out on these nifty features, you don’t have to be in a hurry to update your Mac. However, if you’re one of the people who enjoy keeping in touch with newer features, ensure your Mac is always updated.

Sometimes, a new look or UI change can be annoying or take some getting used to. In any case, it’s usually not such a big deal enough not to want to upgrade it. And if you really don’t like it, you can always revert to an older version of macOS.

3. Run Newer Applications

Photoshop running on a MacBook

Another core reason you should keep macOS up to date is that some applications are not supported on previous versions.

On Windows, you can be a few iterations behind and not feel the effects of this, but it’s a bit different on macOS. For example, most Mac App Store games aren’t compatible with anything before macOS Monterey, meaning you must be running one of the latest two software versions if you want to enjoy these apps.

Furthermore, the apps that are old enough to run on older macOS versions are usually not the best. They may have dated, less streamlined UI, and they could reduce your efficiency and productivity.

4. Bug Fixes

A screen full of code lines

Bugs are unintended consequences of writing codes, and macOS, like every other operating system, is written as code. Sometimes, when a major OS update is released, it may contain certain abnormalities that make it not function as intended.

With every new version of macOS, Apple almost always adds bug fixes. Leaving bugs can hamper your experience and expose your Mac to vulnerabilities.

Opting into beta testing isn’t the same as using the latest version of macOS. Beta tests are for people willing to experiment with potentially unstable software so that Apple can collect data. So, stick to stable macOS versions whenever you can.

5. Better Support

Support at Apple Store

If you encounter an issue when using macOS, Apple’s support team is more likely to be able to help you if you are running the latest version of the operating system.

Apple typically provides support for the current version of macOS, so if you are running an older version, you may be encouraged to upgrade before receiving further assistance.

Set Your Mac to Update Automatically

There are special cases where you might need to run an older version of macOS, like if you need to use old software or your hardware can’t handle the newer OS. But in most cases, if you’re using the Mac daily and keep important information on it, you should update it.

macOS makes it easy to keep your Mac updated too. Head over to the System Settings app (or System Preferences) on whatever version you use and ensure you toggle on automatic updates.

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