8 Online Tools to Find Your Doppelgänger

You’ve heard that each one of us has six lookalikes in this world. While this may not be entirely true, there’s no doubt that many people have doppelgängers. To be honest, we’d all like to discover who our twin is.

If you, too, are curious, this guide will show you some online tools for finding your doppelgänger.

twin strangers net screenshot

Twin Strangers is a free website that uses its algorithm to find your doppelgänger. After it helped many people find their lookalikes, it quickly gained popularity on social media.

Finding your twin stranger here is quite simple. You upload your photo and make an account on its website, adding a few necessary details.

Then, the Twin Strangers algorithm finds your matches and shows an AI match score. It allows five free searches for every account, so you can upload multiple pictures to have a better chance of finding a match.

While browsing through your potential lookalikes, you can add them to the “My Twins” list. Best of all, the platform allows you to chat and plan a meet-up with your doppelgänger.

Twin Strangers can only find your lookalike among users who have registered there. In other words, if you want to find your doppelgänger on the site, they must also be looking for you there.

Currently, Twin Strangers has over 10.7 million users worldwide. As its users increase, so do your chances of finding a perfect lookalike.

2. My Twin Finder

My Twin Finder is an app that tries to find your lookalike by reverse searching your image. For finding your twins, you can either upload your image from the gallery or take a new one. The app then performs a search and shows the results in your mobile browser.

Since it uses reverse image search, your results are not limited by the registered users. Just make sure that your face is clear and recognizable in the picture.

Download: My Twin Finder for Android (Free)

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Even if you don’t look like your favorite celebrity, chances are you might resemble any other famous personality.

To find which celebrity you look like, you can use StarByFace–a website that finds your celebrity lookalike. It matches your face with those of popular celebrities and shows stars who have similar faces.

To find your match, you don’t need to enter your personal details. Just upload a picture in which your facial features are visible and let the algorithm find your celebrity lookalike. With the gradient option, you can create an image morph of you and your match.

It’s unlikely that you’ll find your exact doppelgänger here, but it’s still exciting (and you never know). StarByFace has a website as well as a mobile application.

Download: StarByFace for Android | iOS (Free)

lookaliker screenshot

Another famous website that uses face recognition technology to find your celebrity doppelgängers is Lookaliker.

To find your lookalike, you’ll first have to log into the site using your Google account. Then, upload a clear headshot from your device. Lookaliker searches its database to find your celebrity twins. The good thing is that it shows multiple possible matches, along with a similarity score and a link to the Wikipedia page of the matched celebrity.

Although it searches for your doppelgängers only from renowned people, its database isn’t just limited to only a few popular actors or sportspeople. It has an Android app too.

Download: Lookaliker for Android (Free)

5. Celebs

Celebs is another mobile application that finds your celebrity twins. Like StarByFace, it has an algorithm that finds the resemblance between your face and that of celebrities.

For finding your doppelgänger here, you don’t have to create an account or add your information. Just upload a photo and wait for the results. This app also shows a morphed image of you and the celebrity and lets you share the results on Snapchat or Instagram.

If the app finds a very close match, it will ask you to upgrade to Celebs+ to show your lookalike. Its weekly subscription costs $5.

Download: Celebs for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

6. Google Arts and Culture

Among the number of amazing things you can do in Google Arts and Culture app, there’s a feature called ArtSelfie. This feature compares your selfie with thousands of artworks and shows some portraits that match your face.

Not only this, but Art and Culture app also tells you the location of the paintings that look like you, so you can visit that museum and see your portrait lookalike.

Google Arts and Culture App can’t help you find a living doppelgänger. But, it can tell if you resemble any of the historical figures or imaginary portraits. Nonetheless, it’s fun to play with your friends and family.

Download: Google Arts and Culture for Android | iOS (Free)


FamilySearch is an organization that maintains a record of people and their ancestors. Mainly, this website can help you trace your ancestors and their story, but has a feature for finding doppelgängers too.

Genetically speaking, you look more like your relatives than a complete stranger. Using this concept, FamilySearch’s Compare a Face feature helps you find your doppelgänger. To find your lookalike, upload your and your relatives’ photos. If you already have a family tree on the FamilySearch website, you can simply select the relatives there.

Using its software, this website will tell you how much you resemble your family members. The person who resembles you the most in your family is your family doppelgänger. You can also compare your face with a few historical figures like Queen Victoria, Charles Darwin, and Abraham Lincoln.

The problem with all of these websites is that your search is limited to registered users only. Even if there are millions of users registered, odds are your doppelgänger isn’t one of them. So, a better way to find your lookalike is to use reverse image search.

To reverse image search, you can either use Google Lens or other face recognition search engines. With Google way ahead of others in terms of image recognition, it’s better to stick to Google Lens. All you have to do is to add your clear headshot and browse through the Visually Similar Images to find possible matches.

This means that if your doppelgänger has uploaded their image on the Web, you can find them. With over half of the world’s population using the internet, this is perhaps the best way to find your doppelgänger online.

Morph Your Face Into a Celebrity Lookalike

These websites have a database of millions of users and celebrities, so you can find your doppelgänger–whether it’s a celebrity, a stranger, or your relative.

But if you can’t find a decent lookalike after trying all these websites, don’t lose hope. You can still morph your face into your favorite celebrity and watch yourself transform.

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