How to Join a Netflix Watch Party Using Teleparty

If you want to watch a movie with your friends remotely, Teleparty might be the best tool for the job. You might remember Teleparty as Netflix Party, but the developers did more than just change the name.

Teleparty now helps users to watch streams in sync from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime. Also, it works with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera browser.

If you’ve been invited to watch party, here’s how to join.

How to Join a Teleparty Session in Three Steps

There are three steps to set up and join Teleparty. Here’s how to do each one:

1. Find the Teleparty Browser Extension (Previously Called Netflix Party)

Install Teleparty on your browser

Teleparty works as a browser extension, so installing it is quite simple. On the Chrome Web Store or Edge Add-ons store, search for Teleparty. If you prefer using Opera, you can install the add-on from Chrome Web Store.

At the time of writing, the app is called Netflix Party is now Teleparty, so people are not confused about the name change.

If you want to simplify the process, go to the Teleparty website, and click the Install Teleparty button.

Teleparty website

Download: Teleparty for Chrome | Edge (Free)

2. Download Teleparty

Install Teleparty on your browser

Click Add to Chrome or Get to download the Teleparty extension. From the host to the joiners, everyone who plans to join the watch party needs to download the browser extension. Once you install the extension, you should see its Tp icon next to the address bar.

Also, every participant must have an active Netflix subscription to the streaming service for Teleparty to work as intended. The movie or TV show that you plan on watching should be available in everybody’s region. If this is not the case, you can use a VPN.

Keep in mind that anyone with the link can join your party. So, if you don’t want strangers to hijack your movie night, make sure only your friends get the party link.

Start a Teleparty session

The Teleparty host must first select the TV show or movie for the party. Once the stream is ongoing, the host can click on the Teleparty extension button next to the browser address bar. Then, the host should select Start the party. They can also check the Only I have control box that makes them the only person who can pause, fast-forward, or rewind the stream.

Start a teleparty session

Once the host is happy with the party settings, they can share the link inviting people to the party. They may check the Show Chat Sidebar if they want to have a chat area while sharing the stream.

Teleparty website

The host should then send this link to you so you can click it and join the party. You don’t need to have the show already running or even access the streaming platform website. Remember to paste the link in Chrome, Edge, or Opera. Otherwise, you will now be able to join the session.

If it’s your first time joining a Teleparty session, you’ll have to choose a user icon and name, so the other participants can recognize you in Teleparty’s chat.

Teleparty joiners can watch the live stream and see a chat bar. According to Teleparty, the party can support more than 100 people, but the number is influenced by how busy the servers are.

If you’re the only one that can’t join the party or encounter any other issue, you might have to quickly troubleshoot Teleparty.

Group Watch With Teleparty Easily

With Teleparty, you don’t have to share your screen to watch movies online with your friends. You can install this free browser extension in just a few clicks and set up the next movie night.

Now, if you like having the couch by yourself, there are more ways to host a virtual watch party.

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