How to Fix AnyDesk Not Working on Windows 11

AnyDesk is a popular remote desktop application that lets users connect and use computers remotely. However, users can’t utilize that app when it doesn’t work. Many users have reported on the community forums that they need to fix the AnyDesk app not launching in Windows.

So, if the AnyDesk app is slow or not launching at all in Windows 11, try implementing these potential fixes to kick-start it.

Why AnyDesk Is Not Working in Windows 11

Usually, the AnyDesk app works fine in Windows 11, but if it is not working, then the following can be the reasons behind it:

  1. AnyDesk servers are currently down or under maintenance.
  2. You are using an outdated version of the app on your computer.
  3. The app installation has been corrupt due to sudden system shutdowns or attacks by malicious agents.

Now that you know the major reasons behind the problem, let’s dive into solutions you can try in this situation.

1. Restart Your Computer

If the AnyDesk app is not working, then your first port of call must be restarting your computer. Third-party programs rely on many system services to run correctly. Oftentimes, apps cannot access all these important services needed to open the app.

Restarting your computer will free up system resources and restart all the services. Save up your work in any open applications and then restart your computer.

After the restart, open the AnyDesk app and check if the problem continues.

2. Check the AnyDesk App Server Status

Server Status page of AnyDesk

Like any other online service, AnyDesk can experience server outages anytime. When the servers are down, you won’t be able to use or open the app at all.

You can check the AnyDesk server status by visiting its AnyDesk status website. There, check the network status of your continent.

If the servers are down, there’s nothing much you can do other than to patiently wait while AnyDesk fixes the issue.

3. Allow AnyDesk to Communicate through Windows Defender Firewall

At times, Windows Firewall can consider AnyDesk as a malicious app and stop it from opening on your computer. This usually happens when an app is blocked under the Firewall settings.

To fix this, you will have to allow AnyDesk to run through the Windows Defender Firewall. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Press the Win + S to open the Search menu.
  2. In the search bar, type Control Panel and press Enter.
  3. Change View by to Category.
  4. Choose System and Security.
  5. Select the Allow an app through Windows Firewall option under Windows Defender Firewall section.
    Allow an app through Firewall option in Control Panel

  6. Click the Change settings button.
  7. In the Allowed apps and features list, search for the AskDesk app.
  8. Check the Private and Public checkboxes for the AnyDesk app.
    AnyDesk in Control Panel

  9. Click OK to save the changes.

That’s it. Now restart your computer and check if the problem persists.

4. Change the System Date and Time

If the host computer or guest device shows an incorrect date and time, it can cause connection issues and stop AnyDesk from working correctly. The solution, in this case, is to synchronize both devices using an internet time saver.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Press the Win + I hotkeys to open the Settings app.
  2. Choose the Time & language option from the left sidebar.
  3. Under the Related links section, choose the Additional clocks option.
    Additional Clocks option in the Settings app

  4. In the Date and Time window that crops up, switch to the Internet Time tab.
  5. Click the Change settings button.
  6. Check the Synchronize with an Internet time server box, and then click the Update now button.
    Update now option in the Settings menu

  7. Click OK to save the changes.

5. Try Networking Command Prompt Commands

Windows allows you to run various networking commands in the Command Prompt. You should try running a few of them if the AnyDesk app is still not running on your computer. To do that, open the Search menu, type CMD in the search bar, and choose Run as administrator from the right pane. It’ll open an elevated Command Prompt window.

To reset files that are necessary to connect to the internet, use these two commands:

 netsh winsock reset
netsh int ip reset

If that wasn’t helpful, consider releasing your system’s IP address and gaining a fresh one from the router using these two commands, one at a time:

 ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

Lastly, refresh your system’s DNS settings by executing this command:

 ipconfig /flushdns 

That’s it. Check if you’re still facing the problem.

If you’re interested in these commands, you can read about them (and more) in our guide on the CMD commands to manage wireless networks on Windows.

6. Perform a Clean Boot

AnyDesk app may not work on your computer if it faces any interference from a background program. The solution, in this case, is to perform a clean boot on your computer. It’ll only load important drivers and applications and stop the rest. Doing this will ensure whether a background program is causing trouble with the AnyDesk app.

To perform a clean boot, follow the below steps:

  1. In the Run dialog box, type msconfig and press Enter.
  2. The System Configuration window will appear. Switch to the Services tab and then click on the Hide all Microsoft services checkbox.
    Hide all Microsoft Services option in Clean Boot

  3. Click the Disable all button.
  4. Then, switch to the Startup tab and select the Open Task Manager option.
  5. The Task Manager will appear with the Startup program section. Find and right-click on all the startup applications and choose Disable.
  6. Click the OK button in the System Configuration window. Restart your computer and launch the AnyDesk app to check if the problem continues.

7 . Update the AnyDesk App

If you haven’t updated the AnyDesk app in a while, you can face issues while launching it. As it turns out, older app versions can have bugs that impede their working and usability.

You can update the AnyDesk app by following the below instructions:

  1. Open the AnyDesk app and click the hamburger option at the top-right corner.
  2. Choose Settings from the list.
  3. Select Security from the left sidebar.
  4. Check the Enable Auto-Update – Main Channel option under the Update section.
    Enable Auto Update option in AnyDesk

AnyDesk will now automatically download any available update on your computer.

Enjoy Remote Work With AnyDesk

Nothing worse than facing an interruption in work due to the malfunctioning of an app. Fortunately, if the AnyDesk app is not working on your Windows PC, you now know what’s causing the problem and how to fix it.

Meanwhile, you might be interested to know how use AnyDesk to connect remotely to a Windows PC.

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