How to Earn Microsoft Reward Points Quickly

Microsoft is among the biggest technology companies out there. While it has a lot of products, both individual and business-centric, the popularity of the Windows operating system is unmatched. But do you know that Microsoft runs a reward program? You can earn points for completing simple tasks and redeem them on digital purchases.

Moreover, it is possible to use the rewards points to contribute to a charitable cause. This post will shed light on the Microsoft Rewards program and how to accumulate those points quickly.

What Is the Microsoft Rewards Program?

Microsoft Rewards is a program designed for loyal Microsoft users who prefer using its services, which are not limited to the operating system only. So, every time you use a Microsoft product (Bing, Edge Browser, Cortana, Store, etc.), it rewards you with Microsoft Rewards points.

But you don’t get these reward points automatically. Rather, you have to sign up for the Microsoft Rewards program, after which you become eligible to earn points. It’s a smart way to reduce the overall cost of future Microsoft purchases and save real money.

How to Sign Up for Microsoft Rewards

It’s really easy to sign up to the rewards scheme. However, the Rewards program is only available in select countries, and might not be available in your country. Use the following steps to sign up for the Microsoft Rewards program:

  1. Visit Microsoft Rewards.
  2. Click on the Join Now button.
    MIcrosoft Rewards official website

  3. Now, you need to sign in using the Microsoft account that you use for the brand’s products.
  4. Enter your account credentials and sign in.
    Sign in to Microsoft Account

  5. The website will redirect you to the Microsoft Rewards account dashboard page.

Here, you can track your daily point accumulation, set goals, and redeem the points when you have enough.

6 Ways to Earn Microsoft Rewards Points

You just joined the Microsoft Rewards program. The first question that pops up is “how do I earn those points?” More importantly, how do you accumulate them faster? Here are a few methods you can use to balloon your reward points wallet:

1. Complete the Rewards Program Activities

When you first sign up for the Microsoft Rewards program, you will see a bunch of activities below the dashboard. Each activity tile will have a number indicating the number of points you will get upon completion. You can start here and embark on the point accumulation journey.

MIcrosoft Rewards activities

2. Use Bing as Your Search Engine

We all use Google, no matter how desperately Microsoft tries to coerce us to use Bing. But if you want to earn rewards points, you better switch to Bing. Even if you don’t want to make a complete transition, make sure that you at least hit the threshold of the number of Bing searches that garner points.

A level one user earns three points for each Bing search and gets paid for 10 searches per day. However, if you are a level two user, the limit increases, and Microsoft rewards you for 30 searches per day.

3. Purchase Items From the Microsoft Store

Buying games, apps, and subscriptions also generate rewards points. Microsoft will reward you points for every dollar that you spend buying stuff from Microsoft. You can make purchases using your mobile phone, your Xbox, a Windows PC, or even the web store.

Make sure you first sign in using the same account used for Microsoft Rewards. Remember that the point ratio changes when you become a level two user. Then, you earn 10 points for every dollar that you spend on Microsoft.

4. Finish Daily Sets

Apart from the usual Bing searches, you can complete daily sets which appear on the Rewards page. These will help you accrue additional points and reach level two faster.

You can get even more points by building a streak of completing daily sets. Microsoft issues more reward points as you maintain your streaks.

5. Download the Microsoft Rewards Extension

As we mentioned above, Bing searches accumulate points. But you have to change the default search engine in your Chrome browser every time. However, you can download the official Microsoft Rewards extension, which will automatically change your default search engine.

MIcrosoft Rewards extension

You can disable the extension after you finish the daily quota. Plus, you can check out the activities which can help you earn more.

Download: Microsoft Rewards for Chrome | Edge | Safari (Free)

6. Leverage Your Xbox Console

Microsoft rolls out weekly challenges and offers reward points when you play some select games. This is another great way to boost the reward points earning potential. There are even more methods to earn rewards points on Xbox, which includes watching featured content on your console.

How Much Value Do Microsoft Reward Points Hold?

You must be curious about how the reward points equate to real-world money. Well, it is not a huge amount. According to Microsoft, it usually takes about 5,000 points to redeem something worth $5.

So, you’ll need to earn at least 1000 points to earn a dollar. But, considering how easy it is to earn reward points, a slow but disciplined user can rack up a maximum of 5000 points at level two each month.

What Are the Levels in Microsoft Rewards?

After you join Microsoft Rewards, you automatically get to level one. It denotes a beginner user in the program and offers three points for each Bing search. Similarly, the Edge rewards points are also less, and you get one point for each dollar you spend on Microsoft Store.

But level two users get more perks. For starters, the search limit increases to 30. In addition, you get 10 points for every dollar spent on the Microsoft Store and up to 10% off when redeeming from Microsoft brands. There are some exclusive invites and early access to member sales and discounts.

MIcrosoft Rewards dashboard

You need to earn 500 points to upgrade to level two in Microsoft Rewards. After that, you need to consistently earn 500 points every month, or Microsoft will demote you to a level one user.

How to Redeem Microsoft Reward Points

Just head over to the Redeem section to check all the available rewards. You will find gift cards for games, e-commerce sites, and more. Remember that the rewards will vary according to your region. You can even set goals to earn points to claim a particular gift card you want to pursue.

Redeeming MIcrosoft Rewards

Do not try to cheat Microsoft Rewards using a VPN. It violates the terms and services of the Microsoft Rewards program. If the systems detect that you are hopping to different regions, it will ban your account.

Save Money Using Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is a great program to get additional discounts and perks. You shouldn’t ignore it if you already use a bunch of Microsoft products or services. We understand that the Edge browser is not everyone’s first love, but Microsoft’s recent touch-ups make it worth a try.

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