Best Dog Toothpaste Brands for Optimal Mouth Health

Virbac C.E.T. (which stands for “Clean Every Tooth”) is one of the top dental care brands recommended by veterinarians, and for good reason. Virbac has been creating oral health solutions for more than five decades, so their products are thoroughly researched and safe for everyday use.

Their dog toothpaste contains enzymes through their signature Dual-Enzyme System that prevent plaque formation, which will keep your dog’s mouth healthy and leave their breath smelling fresh. It comes in five tasty flavors, including poultry, beef, seafood, malt, and vanilla-mint. The latter two might not sound like they’d be appealing to dogs, but a lot of pets actually prefer these sweeter ones. The vanilla-mint formula is a great option for dogs with food allergies because it’s free of animal or grain proteins.

Bonus: these toothpastes are safe for both dogs and cats, so you can use the same tube for any felines in the house. And if you decide toothbrushing isn’t for you, you can still get the benefits of oral enzymes through the C.E.T. water additives or tasty chews.

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