9 Online Tools to Search for Trending Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to reach a wider audience on any social media app. However, finding trending, relevant hashtags can be time-taking and challenging.

Luckily, you don’t need to spend countless hours searching for hashtags, thanks to these nine online tools that can find trending hashtags.

TagsFinder screenshot

TagsFinder is a free, useful tool for generating several hashtags from a single keyword within seconds. Enter one or more hashtags, and the tool will suggest 30 or so popular hashtags.

To get suitable ideas, select the country and specify the words you want to exclude. Of course, not all of these will be relevant to you. But you can click on the cross icon next to unrelated tags and choose Load more to get more suggestions. With a single click, you can copy all these to your clipboard.

On the statistics page, you can view the hashtags trending in your country or city, including the popular but confusing Instagram hashtags.

ritetag screenshot

Whether you need hashtags for Twitter or Instagram, RiteTag got you covered. What’s great about RiteTag is it can generate hashtags from images. Just upload a photo and let RiteTag suggest hashtags.

Along with the suggested tags, it color-codes them to show their usage and trend. For instance, green hashtags are the ones currently trending, while blue ones have a higher chance of becoming popular soon. You can also get a detailed popularity report for each hashtag.

Other than images, you can generate hashtags from keywords and save a group of hashtags together for future use.

RiteTag even has a handy Chrome extension that lets you generate hashtags from both text and images through the right-click context menu. Similarly, it has a mobile app. RiteTag costs a little over $4 per month (billed annually).

allhashtag screenshot

All Hashtag is another free, awesome tool to try if you’re looking for trending hashtags. The tool can find over 100 hashtags from a single word. It can find similar hashtags as well as ones containing your keyword.

Another option called live hashtags searches for keywords that other people have used in their posts, along with the word you entered. Besides hashtag generator, All Hashtag has a few other tools. Its analytics tool can show the usage stats, ranking, and relative popularity of any hashtag.

On the charts page, you can view top hashtags today, last week, last month, or all-time. It also shows the top hashtags for popular categories, like food, music, and cats.

hashtagify screenshot

Hashtagify is a hashtag tracking tool for Twitter. On its homepage, enter any of the hashtags you want to track, and Hashtagify will present detailed statistics, like popularity, recent trends, spelling variants, and country-wise usage.

The most useful information, though, is in the related hashtags section, where you can get several hashtag ideas. Hashtagify can also show the hashtags that have been trending in recent weeks or months by language. For brands and influencers, it offers a hashtag tracking tool to monitor your campaign.

Although it does show some information without signing up, you’ll need a paid plan for accessing its full potential. The plans start from $29 per month. The free plan would work great if you already have shortlisted hashtags and want to view their popularity.

toolzu website screenshot

For those of you looking to find hashtags for Instagram posts, head over to Toolzu Hashtag Generator. Toolzu’s suggestions aren’t limited to the hashtags that contain the exact word you typed. Instead, its AI algorithm finds more relevant and better hashtags.

Like RiteTag, it can generate hashtags from photos as well as URLs of Instagram posts. Toolzu displays dozens of hashtags, along with their volume and difficulty.

Selecting and copying the hashtags is also quite simple. As you scroll down the list, keep checking the boxes next to the hashtag you want to select, and Toolzu will add them to a separate list. Then, you can copy all the selected tags together.

inflact hashtag generator

Inflact is an AI-powered hashtag generator that allows you to search for hashtags either through text, Instagram post URLs, or photos.

Inflact displays two lists of hashtags: Similar and Related organic. Similar hashtags contain the keyword or its variation, while related tags are frequently used together in the same posts.

Within each list, you’ll see hashtags divided into three categories to indicate popularity: Frequent, Average, and Rare. You can keep scrolling to view the hashtag and select the ones you like. All the selected hashtags can be copied at once. Inflact also has a “smart selection” feature that selects a mix of similar, related, frequently used, and average hashtags.

The best part is that beside each hashtag, there are buttons to view its statistics, similar hashtags, and post previews. The usage volume is displayed on the same page, while the detailed analysis page displays day-wise trends, difficulty, and related data.

sistrix hashtag generator

Among the several other free tools available on the SISTRIX website, there’s an Instagram hashtag generator. One of the advantages this tool brings is that you can enter multiple keywords to search for hashtags. SISTRIX then provides a list of hashtags for each word.

Next to each hashtag, you’ll see a bar showing the relative popularity of the tag. And to make your task easier, it auto-selects the 30 best hashtags from these lists. You can simply copy and paste them into your Instagram posts.

It lets you perform 25 queries a day without signing up on its site. Thanks to this tool, you can find popular hashtags for Instagram posts and Reels.

another follower hashtag generator screenshot

To help you increase your followers, Another Follower has a hashtag generator on its site. It lets you generate hashtags both via keywords and images. You can even enter multiple keywords together.

Another Follower Hashtag Generator shows the difficulty level and estimated volume along with each keyword. You can sort the list by popularity or relevance, and then check the boxes next to the hashtags you like. Finally, click the copy button and add the selected hashtags to your posts.

mention instagram hashtag generator screenshot

Mention has a very simple, intuitive hashtag generator for Instagram. Having a chat-style interface, this tool asks you to tell it about your social media post. You can either enter a single word or describe your post, and it instantly sends a list of related hashtags.

Using the right, relevant hashtags can increase your reach on every social platform. But searching the trending hashtags can be tricky. To take the guesswork out of the process, you can use the above–mentioned tools to search for popular hashtags.

Although hashtags play a crucial role, don’t forget that there are other ways to increase your profile’s visibility as well.

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