You Can Now Repair Your Broken Galaxy S22 Yourself

Samsung’s Self-Repair program has expanded to include the Galaxy S22, so you replace the screen and battery, charging port, or back glass at home.

The three phones in the Samsung Galaxy S22 launched about a year ago, meaning that for many, the warranty will soon be coming to an end. It’s good news, then, that Samsung has expanded its DIY repair program in the US to include last year’s flagships.

If you’ve broken the screen or back glass on your S22, or your charging port has given out, you can now buy official replacement parts through iFixit and repair your phone yourself. The company has added a couple of Galaxy Book laptops to the scheme, too.

iFixit Repairs Come to the Galaxy S22 Series

As with the other phones included in Samsung’s Self-Repair program, you can replace three parts of your Galaxy S22:

  • The screen, which also includes the midframe and battery, costs $160 for the S22, $183 for the S22+, and $233 for the S22 Ultra.
  • The charging port costs $60 for all three phones.
  • The back glass costs $60 for all three phones.

As before, there’s no option to replace just the battery on its own, which is by far the biggest limitation of the scheme. If the battery is your only problem, you’ll find it cheaper to get it replaced for you—Samsung has recently launched a Maintenance Mode to protect your data if you need to send your phone away.

The company also says that you shouldn’t attempt to replace a swollen battery yourself.

The prices cover the parts, and for an extra $7 you can buy all the tools needed to carry out the repairs. You also get comprehensive instructions to walk you through the process. This video, for example, gives you an idea of how to replace the back glass on a Galaxy S22:

Samsung’s Self-Repair program was launched in 2022 in conjunction with iFixit, as part of the growing Right to Repair movement. The company says it has proven highly popular, although it’s currently only available to those in the US.

The S22 series joins the S21 and S20, and the Tab S7 devices in being suitable for DIY repairs.

Samsung has also added the Galaxy Book Pro 15″ and Galaxy Book Pro 360 15″ laptops to the plan, covering things like the case, touchpad, battery, and fingerprint scanner.

With Samsung now offering four years of operating system updates and five years of security updates on many of its phones, the ability to easily—and affordably—replace the most likely-to-break parts means you should be able to keep your phone for as long as you want.

Right to Repair Is Growing

The Right to Repair movement is continuing to grow. Hopefully, Samsung will start to expand the program to incorporate even more phones, as well as make it available in more countries aside from the US.

Being able to repair your phone not only reduces waste but makes a high-end device a better long-term investment. The Galaxy S23 will launch soon and will carry a premium price tag. If you’re confident that you’ll eventually be able to repair it yourself and keep it running for four or five years, it becomes much easier to be able to justify the purchase.

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