The WordPad Keyboard Shortcuts Guide for Windows

Work faster in WordPad with these keyboard shortcuts.

WordPad is a powerful and versatile text editor included in the Windows operating system. It has all the essential tools needed to create documents quickly and efficiently. To help you get the most out of this tool, we’ve compiled a complete list of WordPad keyboard shortcuts available on Windows.

With the help of these shortcuts, you will find yourself typing faster and saving time on documents. So if you’re looking to maximize your efficiency when working with WordPad files, this guide will help. Let’s now dive right in!

Keyboard Shortcuts for WordPad

The keyboard shortcuts in WordPad help you navigate menus and functions quickly without needing to use your mouse or trackpad. Listed below are all the most useful WordPad keyboard shortcuts you can use to enhance your writing experience on Windows. But if you want to become a better writer and not just improve your writing experience, you should check out these tips and tools to improve your writing.

Check out the full list of WordPad keyboard shortcuts. Remember to open WordPad to try them out for yourself!

Shortcut Key



This will open the help window


Search for the next instance of the text in the Find dialog box


Save the document as a new file

Ctrl + 1

Press this to set single-line spacing

Ctrl + 2

You can use this shortcut key to set double-line spacing

Ctrl + 5

This will set the line spacing to 1.5

Ctrl + A

Used for selecting all the text and elements in your Wordpad document

Ctrl + B

Used to make selected text bold

Ctrl + C

Copy a selection to the Clipboard

Ctrl + D

Insert a Microsoft Paint drawing

Ctrl + E

Aligns the text center

Ctrl + F

Search for text in a document

Ctrl + H

Replace text in a document

Ctrl + I

Italicize selected text

Ctrl + J

Justify the text alignment

Ctrl + L

Aligns the text left

Ctrl + N

Create a new document

Ctrl + O

Open an existing document

Ctrl + P

Print the current document

Ctrl + R

Align the text right

Ctrl + S

Save changes to a document

Ctrl + U

Underline selected text

Ctrl + V

Paste selection from the Clipboard

Ctrl + X

It is used to cut a selection

Ctrl + Y

Use this shortcut key to redo a change

Ctrl + Z

Undo any changes made

Ctrl + equal (=)

Make selected text subscript

Ctrl + Shift + equal (=)

Make selected text superscript

Ctrl + Shift + greater than (>)

You can use this keyboard shortcut to increase the font size

Ctrl + Shift + less than (<)

This shortcut key decreases the font size

Ctrl + Shift + A

Change characters to all capitals

Ctrl + Shift + L

Change the bullet style

Ctrl + Left arrow

It will move the cursor one word to the left

Ctrl + Right arrow

This will move the cursor one word to the right

Ctrl + Up arrow

Move the cursor to the previous line

Ctrl + Down arrow

It moves the cursor to the next line

Ctrl + Home

Move to the beginning of the document

Ctrl + End

This shortcut key move to the end of the document

Ctrl + Page Up

You can use this to move up one page

Ctrl + Page Down

Move down one page

Ctrl + Delete

Use this shortcut key to delete the next word

Alt + F4

This will close WordPad

Shift + F10

Show the context menu

Use WordPad More Effectively

WordPad Keyboard Shortcuts help increase productivity and efficiency. Not only does it provide you with plenty of useful key combinations for WordPad, but it also enhances your writing skills. It is a highly recommended guide for anyone using WordPad regularly.

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