Banned Baby Names: A Look at Illegal Monikers Around the World

The United States of America is associated with the concept of freedom, but not when it comes to baby names! Parents living in the Land of the Free have to steer clear of certain monikers like:

  • @
  • III
  • 1069
  • Adolf Hitler (Adolf, once a popular European name, is now banned worldwide).
  • Jesus Christ
  • King
  • Messiah
  • Queen
  • Santa Claus

Name bans in the United States are less rigid than some other countries, and the name bans tend to vary from state to state. For example, Kentucky has no legal naming restrictions. Some states don’t allow accents in names, and most won’t allow a name to be registered if it has a numerical character in it. Other rules include the prohibition of using foreign characters, symbols, and emojis in first names. For a complete list of naming guidelines in America, parents can go to for a rundown.

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