The 8 Best iPhone Apps to Help You Pass Your Driving Test

Driving tests can be a bit stressful, and to the uninitiated, they can be difficult as well. In most states, you will need a score of at least 80% to pass successfully. Fortunately, the right tools and resources can make this daunting task a bit easier.

There are a handful of iPhone apps out there that make studying for and taking your driving test easy and convenient. From practice tests to road sign quizzes, these are the best apps to make your life a bit easier when you’re unprepared for your driving test.

1. DMV Practice Test Genie

If you’re in a rush because you procrastinated studying for the test, this app could come in clutch. It starts off by asking you to take an evaluation test and then suggests where you should start. The app categorizes tests based on difficulty and topics.

It also features a Theory section that has the DMV manual, a list of the most common road signs, and a list of the top 100 most common questions asked on the test. In total, it has over 600+ questions, all in the style of the DMV exam. On top of that, it also tracks your progress and tells you the likelihood of passing the test.

Download: DMV Practice Test Genie (Free, subscription available)

2. Zutobi: DMV Practice Test

Like other apps on this list, Zutobi has a lot of questions for you to go through. However, the roadmap is the most interesting feature. It starts you off with simple topics like the right of way and works its way up to more complex stuff such as driving emergencies.

Apart from the roadmap, there are other practice tests that have over 550+ questions in total. There’s also a Practice Mode that asks you random questions to help you prepare. It also provides statistics like the app above. That, along with the crisp visuals and the summarized DMV handbook, make explanations easy to understand.

Download: Zutobi: DMV Practice Test (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. DMV Driving Test Driver Start

This one is interesting because, apart from throwing random questions at you, it allows you to prepare with flash cards. It features 317 flashcards from all categories, and you can filter them based on different topics. Once you feel prepared, you can start a practice test to challenge yourself.

The app also features a section that compiles relevant articles that can help you stay safe in your car. While these articles are good for preparing for the DMV test, they are also a good read for anyone who wants to be a better driver.

Download: DMV Driving Test Driver Start (Free, ad-free version available)

4. DMV Driver License Permit Test

This one has an old-school UI, but that doesn’t take anything away from its effectiveness. First off, it has practice questions in the style of the actual tests. However, if you’re more of a visual learner, the app contains videos that can show you the ropes. It’s a good way to get started if you’re unfamiliar with most traffic laws.

The menu contains sections for motorcycle and commercial licenses as well. Apart from that, it has a section that can also help you get your Spanish license. Every section contains a manual for each state, but you can just go through the practice questions if you want a more general approach.

Download: DMV Driver License Permit Test (Free)

5. DMV Practice Test by ABC

This one works more like a study planning app, making it different from other apps on this list. After opening the app, it will ask you to take an evaluation test. From there, it will create a daily study plan for you to go through. It creates this plan based on how soon you need to give the test.

You can either take the practice tests or go through the topics one by one. It also stresses car safety a lot and features in-depth information on features that keep your car safe when you’re on the road.

Download: DMV Practice Test by ABC (Free, premium version available)

6. Traffic & Road Signs

This one is extremely simple, but it’s an app you should use even if you are a veteran driver. It is one of the best apps to learn about US road signs.

The app contains a comprehensive list of all the road signs that you might see on the road, some of which even longtime drivers will be unsure of.

It also features two styles of tests. One that shows you a sign and asks you what it means, and another which gives you a prompt and asks you to choose the right sign. It’s not as in-depth as others on this list, but it does what it set out to achieve.

Download: Traffic & Road Signs (Free)

7. DMV Practice Test Smart Prep

This one features 18 study units, hundreds of practice questions, and two challenging exams that will help you prepare for the real deal. Like other apps on this list, it tracks your progress and features detailed explanations for each answer.

It also creates a personalized practice plan that allows you to brush up on your weaker topics. The app has a feature called Study Mode, which includes scoring, detailed explanations, and a lot of practice questions for you to go through. You can also create pop quizzes that feature random questions.

Download: DMV Practice Test Smart Prep (Free, premium version available)

8. Driver’s ED: DMV Permit Test

Driver’s ED features a mock DMV theory test that compiles questions based on your state. After finishing this test, you can go back and review the questions that you got wrong earlier. It compiles practice tests by topics, so you can create your own learning path.

Apart from that, it allows you to download driver manuals for all 50 states and features a progress monitor. It is completely free to use, but you can also get an ad-free version for a nominal fee.

Download: Driver’s ED: DMV Permit Test (Free, ad-free version available)

Ace Your Next Driving Test With These Apps

Although most of these apps share the same goal, they differ in their approach. Whether you like studying from flashcards, a personalized study plan, or the traditional pop quiz method, we’re sure that a handful of these apps will help you pass the driving test with ease.

It’s interesting to see how far along educational apps have come in the past few years. Well, education is the third most popular category on the App Store, so it is no surprise to see that a handful of apps can help you study and learn about new topics.

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