12 Cool iPhone Hacks and Tricks You Need to Try

As one of the most popular smartphones in the world, the iPhone is packed with handy features. Apple’s iOS has many hidden cool iPhone hacks that enable you to use your device to its fullest potential.

Want to learn more about these small, hidden features on your iPhone? Let’s look at some of the best iPhone hacks and tricks you need to try on your device.

1. Adjust the Brightness of Your iPhone’s Flashlight

If you’re new to using an iPhone, we recommend checking out our top iPhone tips for complete beginners. But let’s face it, even if you’re a long-time user, you probably have been blinded at least once by your iPhone’s flashlight.

That’s because the default brightness is at 100% for some reason. You can adjust the flashlight brightness if you don’t need this overpowering amount of light.

Access your iPhone’s Control Center and long-press the Flashlight icon. There are four levels of brightness. Tap and swipe downwards to lower the brightness.

2. Do a Voiceover While Recording Your iPhone Screen

The screen recording feature on your iPhone records system sounds. But what if you want to provide some commentary or verbal explanation in addition to your screen’s content?

To do so, go to the Control Center and long-press the Screen Recording icon. Tap the Microphone button to turn it on. This setting records sound in your surroundings, thus enabling you to do a voiceover while you record your iPhone screen.

3. Use the Volume Buttons to Take a Photo

As the Shutter button is located close to the bottom of your screen, you’ve likely almost dropped your iPhone when taking a picture more than once.

So, try out this cool iPhone hack to guarantee your iPhone’s safety. Instead of the Shutter button, press either the Volume Up or Volume Down button once to snap your photo.

If you also want to use the Volume buttons to take burst photos, you’ll need to go to Settings > Camera and toggle on Use Volume Up for Burst. This way, pressing and holding down on the Volume Up button lets you take a burst.

4. Take a Picture While Recording a Video

Want to capture a moment as a photograph, but you’re in video recording mode? This effortless iPhone hack has you covered. Next time you’re recording a video, tap the white button next to the red Record button. Your camera will then take a picture without disrupting your video recording.

5. Apply Fun Effects to iMessages

When it comes to modern text messaging, we have stickers, memes, and emojis. But a cool iPhone hack that makes iMessages even more fun is the effects you can add to your texts.

First, select an existing iMessage thread or compose a new iMessage and fill in the recipient field. Type your message in the Text Message field, then long-press on the blue Send icon to view the effects available. Message bubble effects include Invisible Ink, Loud, and more. Screen effects offer exciting visuals such as Confetti, Balloons, and Fireworks.

To apply a message bubble effect, tap the gray dot next to it before hitting the blue Send icon. To use a screen effect, swipe to your desired effect, and then hit the Send icon.

6. Enjoy Built-In Nature ASMR on Your iPhone

For ASMR lovers, this iPhone hack will ensure you’ll have your ASMR fix even if your internet is down. You can rely on your iPhone to provide calming background sounds while you stay focused on your work or studies.

In the Settings app, tap Accessibility. Scroll down to the Hearing section and tap Audio/Visual. Tap Background Sounds, toggle on Background Sounds, and tap Sound. Here, you can choose from Ocean, Rain, and Stream for some relaxing nature ASMR.

7. Hide Apps Without Uninstalling Them

This iPhone hack helps to secure your privacy and is one of the ways to hide personal content on your iPhone. If you’re using an app but don’t want others to know you downloaded it on your iPhone, you can choose to hide it from your Home Screen.

On your iPhone’s Home Screen, long-press on the app. Select Remove App and tap Remove from Home Screen. This moves your app to the App Library. To go to your App Library, swipe left on your last Home Screen page.

Sometimes, you may hand someone your iPhone to show them a funny text or picture. To prevent them from swiping to somewhere else, use this clever iPhone hack to freeze your iPhone screen so that it stays in place. It’s a cool TikTok iPhone trick to impress your friends, too!

Go to the Settings app, tap Accessibility, and select Guided Access. Next, toggle on Guided Access and select Passcode Settings. Tap Set Guided Access Passcode to set a passcode. This passcode is different from the one you use to lock your iPhone.

Now, to freeze your iPhone screen, press your iPhone’s Side button three times if you’re using an iPhone X or newer model. For an iPhone 8 or older model, press the Home button three times.

To unfreeze your screen, simply press the button three times again, enter the Guided Access passcode, and confirm by tapping End.

9. Use Your iPhone’s Scientific Calculator

Besides basic calculations on your iPhone, you can determine the power of a number, calculate square and cube roots, and more on your device. All you need to do is go to the Calculator app and rotate your iPhone to landscape orientation to access the scientific calculator.

For this iPhone hack to work, check that you’ve disabled Portrait Orientation Lock in the Control Center.

Did you know you can use your iPhone to measure length, width, and height? There’s a built-in app called Measure on your iPhone. Launch it and select the Measure tab.

Point your iPhone at the item, make sure the white dot on your screen hovers over the measurement starting point, then tap the Add icon. Next, move your iPhone so that the white dot also shifts to the measurement ending point. Again, tap the Add icon. Tap the measurement to view it in both centimeters and inches.

11. Receive Notifications at a Particular Time Only

When your notifications pop up every other second, it’s incredibly tempting to respond to the latest text message, comment, or story reply. To better focus on your task at hand, use this practical iPhone hack to set up your notifications so that they only come in at a specific time.

Head to Settings > Notifications > Scheduled Summary. Now, enable Scheduled Summary and toggle on the apps you want to receive scheduled notifications from, and set the time for the summary.

12. Take a Full-Page Screenshot

For this iPhone hack, what we mean by full-page screenshot is the complete webpage, and not just the parts visible on your iPhone screen. For example, let’s look at how you can take a screenshot of an entire article in Safari.

First, go to your desired webpage and wait until it fully loads. Next, take a screenshot on your iPhone. Select the Full Page tab, tap Done, and choose Save PDF to Files. Select your preferred folder and tap Save. Lastly, head to the Files app to view your full-page screenshot.

Cool iPhone Hacks to Make the Most Out of It

We hope this list of awesome iPhone hacks and tricks has helped you discover new things you can do on your iPhone and perhaps made you love your smartphone even more!

It’s incredible how these small yet incredibly convenient features are already built into the iPhone before we even realized we needed them—and we only just scratched the surface of what your iPhone can do.

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