Windows 11’s Task Manager Will Soon Let You Make Kernel Dumps in Real Time

The latest Insider build lets you make a kernel dump without needing to restart, all with just a few clicks.

With every little update, Microsoft is making Windows 11 better and better. Now, the company has made Task Manager even better by adding the ability to create a kernel dump in real time.

A New Feature for Windows 11’s Task Manager

The folks over at Neowin managed to catch a Twitter post showing off the new feature. The Twitter user, Rafael Rivera, discovered a new kernel dump feature within the Task Manager in the Windows Insider Build 25188.

Kernel dumps are handy because they let you peek into what’s going on in your RAM. This can be really handy when diagnosing computer issues, such as freezes and Blue Screens of Death.

And while Windows has the ability to create a kernel dump on a crash, this new feature allows you to create one in real-time without restarting the PC. This makes diagnosing issues a lot easier and quicker; just right-click in Task Manager and select the option to generate a dump, and you’re good to go.

Of course, the update features a lot more than just the kernel dumps. There are new animated Settings icons in the mix, and there are signs that Microsoft may introduce a Secure Boot driver into the system with this update.

A Strong Showing for Windows 11

This update is a huge win for Windows 11 users. With this new kernel dump feature, diagnosing computer issues just got a whole lot more convenient.

And it’s likely no coincidence that Microsoft is bringing out the big guns for Windows 11. Users and companies alike have made home with Windows 10, and it’s proving to be a challenge to get them to jump ship and upgrade.

Microsoft had a rough start with its newest operating system, with Windows 11’s minimum requirements causing a stir before it even came out. As such, features like this one will hopefully convince people that the upgrade is worth it.

No More Panic About Your Kernels

With this new feature, diagnosing Windows 11 issues will get a lot easier. Hopefully the feature will have smooth sailing through the Insider build and make it onto PCs everywhere soon.

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