How to Set Your iPhone’s Keyboard to Show Upper Case Letters

Remember the good old days of iOS when the keyboard would display upper case letters by default? Bring that back with this accessibility feature.

Apple offers various accessibility features currently unmatched by any other entity in the tech industry. From tools to aid in vision, hearing, and physical and motor efficiency, there are tons of features you didn’t even know you needed.

One such feature is the option to display upper case letters on your iPhone’s native keyboard. Let’s discuss why you may find this feature helpful and how you can switch between lower and upper case letters from Settings.

Why Would You Want Your iPhone Keyboard to Display Upper Case Letters?

Before we begin, it is important to note that this feature will only affect how the keys on your keyboard are displayed. If you switch to upper case keys on your keyboard, it does not mean that everything you type out will automatically be capitalized, thus making this a cosmetic feature rather than a functional one.

On that note, switching to upper case keys is done mainly to make letters more notable and prominent, which is especially useful for anyone with poor vision. If you’re more comfortable with upper case letters, you won’t have to constantly press Shift to view them. This may help improve typing efficiency, or it may just be a way to switch up the visuals on your iPhone.

How to Show Upper Case Letters on Your iPhone’s Keyboard

There’s a quick toggle to enable this feature in Settings under Accessibility. So, follow these simple instructions to learn how to switch between upper case and lower case letters in iOS:

  1. Open Settings and go to Accessibility.
  2. Tap on Keyboards under the Physical and Motor section.
  3. Toggle off the option that says Show Lowercase Keys.

Once toggled off, your keyboard will only show upper case keys. You will not have to press the Shift key to display upper case keys, but remember that you still have to tap on it whenever you need to capitalize a letter or double-tap if you want to type in all caps.

The Physical and Motor section of the iPhone also has other great accessibility features for people with physical and motor difficulties. One such feature is using Voice Control to unlock your iPhone with your voice.

Switch Between Upper and Lower Case Keys on Your iPhone

Although cosmetic, this accessibility feature for your iPhone allows you to get rid of lower case letters from your iOS keyboard. It is a great way to make the letters more distinguished and easy to use.

There are tons of other great accessibility features on your iPhone. Feel free to check out our roundup to learn more about them.

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