7 Best Sleep Apps for the Apple Watch

For iPhone users, the Apple Watch can be a valued companion during the day to help you manage notifications, track activity, message friends and family, and much more. But you might not know that the Watch can even help you after the lights go out.

Here are some of the best sleep apps for Apple Watch.

1. AutoSleep

There’s no need to worry about activating AutoSleep before you turn in for the night. Living up to its name, the app automatically starts tracking sleep as long as you’re wearing an Apple Watch when you hit the hay.

Before starting for the first time, you need to go through the setup wizard. You can also tweak the app if you’re a restless sleeper. Each morning, you can see a detailed analysis of your sleep including when you were in lighter or deeper sleep, your heart rate, and how much time your sleep was disrupted for.

You can get an overall look at your sleep as a clock interface. Once you meet a custom goal, the clock switches from red to green. To see all of the data at a glance, the Today page is the place to go; it shows you information like sleep rating, time asleep, and more.

Download: AutoSleep ($4.99)

2. Sleepzy

For most of us, actually waking up and getting out of bed is the most difficult thing to do each day. Sleepzy wants to make that just a bit easier. Your iPhone and Apple Watch work in tandem to track your sleep during the night. And when Sleepzy detects your lightest sleep phase, it activates an alarm to help you feel less groggy when waking up. If you’re in the market for other more diabolical ways to wake up on time, take a look at some of the best alarm clock that will force you out of bed.

You can set a sleep goal and track if you’re behind reaching it on a weekly basis. The app also tracks sleep quality so you can make adjustments and improve.

A premium subscription unlocks a number of features. You can see advanced stats and track progress over time, listen to night sounds and find out if you snore, and unlock all sleep insights. It also removes advertisements.

Download: Sleepzy (Free, subscription available)

3. Sleep Details

When you wake up in the morning after using Sleep Details, you’ll see a daily sleep score based on duration along with other important data. Some of the data tracked during slumber include heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood oxygen levels on compatible Apple Watch models.

The app also allows you to rate your sleep to get a more customized daily score. You’ll also be able to select tags with issues that affected your sleep like caffeine consumption.

You can quickly see sleep details data with a watch face complication. And head to the iPhone app to see a two-week sleep score trend.

After a free, seven-day trial period you’ll need a subscription or unlock lifetime access to continue using the app.

Download: Sleep Details (Free, subscription available)

4. NapBot

NapBot uses machine learning technology on both the iPhone and Apple Watch to detect and better track your sleep patterns. As you continue to use the app over time, it uses this information to become the best sleep tracking app on your Apple Watch.

In the morning you can see sleep phase analysis including deep and light sleep times. The app also analyzes sounds around you to learn how that impacts your sleep patterns. You can even view a heart rate summary chart during sleep.

The app’s subscription unlocks two features. You can see a complete sleep history and track your sleep trends to see how new habits affect your slumber.

Download: NapBot (Free, subscription available)

5. Sleep Center

Sleep Center uses both the Apple Watch and iPhone to provide a comprehensive suite of sleep tracking tools. On the watch, you can set a smart alarm, either a sound or haptic tap, to wake you up each morning during the lightest phase of sleep.

During the night, if the app detects that you’re snoring, the watch lightly vibrates to encourage you to move and stop snoring. This makes it the best Apple Watch sleep app for snorers.

On your iPhone, the app uses smart detection to record the amount of snoring during the night. The app also shows your nightly sleep statistics including sleep quality and different sleep trends. To better understand your sleep, you can also add in different factors like alcohol or stress and your mood after waking up.

A free version of the app offers limited features. To unlock complete use of all four modules, you need to make an in-app purchase.

Download: Sleep Center (Free, in-app purchase available)

6. Sleep++

Most sleep tracking apps require a subscription or an in-app purchase to unlock the most advanced features. But Sleep++ is a completely free way to track sleep. The app has both an automatic and manual mode of sleep tracking. For each night’s sleep, you can see a report with data including how long you slept for and sleep quality.

The app also shows sleep trends like how much you’re sleeping each night of the week and progress toward reaching a custom sleep goal.

An in-app purchase removes all of the advertisements.

Download: Sleep++ (Free, in-app purchases available)

7. Pillow

Pillow is a great, all-around sleep tracking app for your Apple Watch. The app automatically detects when you’re asleep and begins to analyze data. You can also start a sleep session manually. In the morning, you can wake up to a smart alarm clock that alerts you during the lightest possible sleep stage.

After each night, you can see a report that provides a wide variety of information including your heart rate graph overlaid on top of the sleep analysis data. A diagram shows specific sleep stages like REM, light sleep, and deep sleep.

The app updates the Sleep category in Apple’s Health app automatically and even compares sleep quality with other metrics that can affect sleep, like weight, caffeine intake, and blood pressure.

A subscription unlocks premium features including unlimited sleep history, heart rate analysis, personalized sleep tips, and more.

For more information, take a look at our comprehensive look at the Pillow app on iOS.

Download: Pillow (Free, subscription available)

8. Sleep Tracker for Watch

Don’t panic if your iPhone isn’t around when using Sleep Tracker for Watch. The independent Watch app can work without an iPhone and can completely analyze a night’s rest. You can see all of the data on the wearable device. When you connect to your iPhone, all of the data gets sent over to the handset.

After starting a session on the watch, you can see a sleep view that shows your bedtime, your time in bed, and your live heart rate information. To help better capture accurate sleep information you can adjust the sensitivity level directly through the watch app.

When you wake up, the app quickly captures your resting heart rate, which is a good measurement of overall health. On the iPhone, you can see more detailed information like REM sleep estimate and the types of motion that occurred during the night.

Download: Sleep Tracker for Watch ($3.99)

9. Rem: Auto Sleep Tracker Watch

Another easy-to-use choice is Rem: Auto Sleep Tracker Watch. Just wear your Apple Watch to bed and the app will track your sleep. Using AI technology, the app can help you determine if you have sleep apnea, insomnia, or sleep debt. In the morning, the app will highlight the most relevant sleep data in six areas including time asleep, heart rate, and regularity. And the app will even track your apps in a separate section.

Along with being able to see how your trends can affect sleep, there is a comprehensive sleep history with diagrams to compare to the latest data. To help you in the morning, a smart alarm will also gently ease you out of deep sleep.

While the app is free to download, you’ll need a subscription to use the app.

Download: Rem: Auto Sleep Tracker Watch (Free, subscription available)

Get a Better Night’s Rest With Apple Watch Sleep Apps

As you can see, there are a wide variety of great sleep tracking apps that help you understand what’s happening at night. Many of them aim to help you get a better night’s sleep, although finding the best Apple Watch sleep tracker for your needs may take some trial and error.

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