How to Create Fake Error Messages in Windows

Windows can give some pretty creative error messages, but why not create some yourself? Whether it’s to trick your friends or just for fun, here’s how to create fake error messages in Windows.

1. How to Create a Fake Error With the Windows Error Message Creator

The easiest way to create a comprehensive and believable error message is to use the Windows Error Message Creator freeware. You can find this app available for download at the MajorGeeks download page.

Download the app and extract it. We explain how to extract common archive files if you’re unsure on how to do this.

Windows Error Message Creator includes lots of options to fine-tune your error message. Let’s look at creating a very basic one. Let’s use the top section labeled Create A Standard Message Box.

Select what type of error message you want to display with the Message Box Type field. This changes what the window looks like, as well as the options a user is given.

Message Line One and Message Line Two are self-explanatory. Input the text you’d like to have displayed in the error message.

Finally, Message Box Title will title the window of your error.

Input all the information and then hit Create. The fake error message will instantly display on your screen.

Windows Error Message Creator has a lot more options to create more complicated error messages. Try fiddling around with all the options, such as setting a custom icon or even custom button text.

2. How to Create a Fake Windows Error Message With VB Script

This is a way to make an error message using nothing but what Windows provides. We’ve written before about the useful things VB script can do, but creating error messages on the fly is one of its lesser appreciated functions.

To write this script, we’ll be using the MsgBox function.

Writing scripts, especially free hand, can get confusing quickly. So to make this process easier, we’ll use a script generator available online. Head on over to Message Box Generator on to follow along.

After using the script generator a few times, you’ll get the hang of how the script works, and might even be able to create one yourself!

The Message Box Generator has options very similar to the Windows Error Message Creator.

You’ll start by filling in the Title field, and then inputting text into the Body. This is completely free hand, and not restricted by a certain number of lines.

Change what Buttons appear and switch the Default Button to change which button appears highlighted in the error message.

Scroll down further to reveal some more options. You can set an Icon with the appropriate field and even change the Modal setting. This will control how much control the error message has over your desktop, allowing you to freeze the desktop entirely until the script has been closed.

When you’re done setting the script up, copy the text available in the Command (VBA/VB Script) field.

This is the actual script that we’ve created. Time to put it into a .vbs file.

Create a new TXT document anywhere on your system. In this text document, paste in the script you copied earlier.

Hit Save as on this text file, and make sure you switch the Save as type to All files.

Name your file whatever you’d like, followed by a VBS file extension. It should look similar to the above image.

Hit Ok when Windows advises you of changing file types. Now, run your newly created .vbs file.

It’s as easy as that. Well, this method might actually be a bit more complicated than the previous one, but this one allows a more accurate error message and can be done completely on the fly.

Play around with this website long enough, and you might even catch yourself learning a thing or two about scripting.

Fake Error Messages for Fun and Games

There’s a lot you can do with a fake error message. While none of it is particuarly useful, it can be a lot of fun. Whether you show your friends some nonsensical error messages or give IT at work a heart attack with a scary error message, make sure it’s all in good fun.

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