How to Convert EXR Files to JPG Images on Windows 11

EXR files are great, but they can take up a ton of space. Here’s how to convert them to the much lighter JPG format on Windows 11.

EXR (otherwise known as OpenEXR) is a rare raster image format established by Industrial Light & Magic, a Lucasfilm visual effects division. It is a high-quality HDR image format primarily utilized in the graphics industry for animations and visual effects. Some photographers seeking brighter pictures that retain more detail also use the EXR format.

However, EXR is not a universally supported file format like JPG. EXR images also have much larger file sizes. So, here is how you can convert EXR files into JPG images in Windows 11.

How to Convert EXR Images to JPG With XnConvert

XnConvert is one of the best freeware image conversion utilities for Windows 11 that supports almost all picture formats. That software enables you to batch convert multiple images to JPG format. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Open the XnConvert downloads page on the XnSoft website.
  2. Click the Setup Win 64-bit button to download the app.
  3. Open the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions to get the program set up on your system.

Once the program is installed, it’s time to convert your files:

  1. Open the app, then click Add files on XnConvert’s Input tab.
  2. Choose one or more EXR files to convert to JPG, and click Open to add them.

  3. Select XnConvert’s Output tab.
  4. Click on the Format drop-down menu and choose JPG – JPEG as the output.

  5. Input a title for the output file in the filename box.
  6. Press the ellipsis button for the Folder option to select a location for the output file to save in. Then click the Select Folder option.
  7. Click the Convert file option.
  8. Select Close on the Status tab to exit the software.

If you’re interested in churning through lots of images in general, why not check out our guide on how to batch-edit images with Imagemagick?

How to Convert EXR Images to JPG With GIMP

GIMP is a freeware image editor with which you can open and edit EXR images. Therefore, you can export (save) your EXR images to the JPG format after opening them within that software. This is how to convert an EXR file by exporting it to JPG in GIMP:

  1. If you don’t already have the GNU Image Manipulation Program, open the GIMP homepage and click the Download button there.
  2. Install the app, then open up GIMP once it’s ready.
  3. Click File > Open in GIMP.

  4. Next, select the Show All Files checkbox.
  5. Select an EXR file within the Open Image window.

  6. Press Open to view the selected image in GIMP. You can now edit the image as you wish before proceeding with the conversion.
  7. Click File again and select the Export As option.

  8. Then click the Select File Type box.

  9. Choose the JPEG Image option.
  10. Select a folder location to export (save) the JPG file in.
  11. Press the Export button.
  12. Click a second Export option in the small settings window that opens.

How to Convert EXR Images to JPG With FreeFileConvert

This method for converting EXR files into JPGs requires no extra installation. You can convert your EXR image with the FreeFileConvert web app in any Windows 11 browser of your choice, although there are a few good reasons why you should stick with Edge. Just note that the web app can batch convert up to five selected files at once.

Here are the steps for converting EXR files with FreeFileConvert:

  1. Open the EXR to JPG converter on the FreeFileConvert website.
  2. Click the File tab.

  3. Press Choose file to select an EXR image, and then click Open.
  4. Select JPG on the Convert files to menu.

  5. Click the web app’s Convert button.
  6. Press the green Download option for the converted file.

Save Drive Storage Space by Converting EXR Files to JPG

Converting EXR files to a JPG format that compresses data can be considered an image compression method. JPG files aren’t the best for picture quality, but they consume much less drive storage space than EXR images. As you can open JPGs in many more image viewers and editors, converting EXR pictures to that format will make them much more accessible.

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