How the Growth Bundle Suite of Apps Helps You Improve Your Health, Wellness, and Productivity

With so many apps available to help track every element of your wellbeing, it can be difficult to find the right balance between downloading one app that tries to do everything and downloading an unwieldy assortment of apps. Fortunately, there is an alternative solution: Reflectly’s Growth Bundle, a series of apps that each fulfill one dedicated function. Here’s a rundown of what the bundle offers to help you decide if this approach is for you.

What Is Reflectly’s Growth Bundle?

The Reflectly Growth Bundle includes six apps for Apple devices to help your productivity and personal growth: Done, Tally, Grateful, Do, Last, and Moody.

You can download each separately for free or bundle them together to give a comprehensive range of lifestyle apps. If you subscribe via any single app (using the Growth Bundle upgrade option), you get the premium features for all six unlocked. Reflectly states on its website that this will also include premium features for future apps from the company.

1. Done: Habit Tracker

Done is a simple habit tracker. You set goals, track your progress, and aim to keep a streak going for as long as possible. Because you name the habit yourself, you can track just about anything on this app. It works equally well for building good habits and quitting negative actions. A simple target-setting screen gives you complete control over the time periods and quantities involved, and you can easily check your progress across the week, month, or year using the Statistics screens.

You can track up to three habits in the free edition of Done, and the premium version enables you to track unlimited goals. You can also explore some alternative habit tracker apps and tools to help you stick to your goals.

Download: Done (Free, subscription available)

2. Tally: Tracking Anything

Tally is very similar to Done, but instead of tracking regularity, its focus is on counting completions. Simply enter the item you want to tally and set the target and the time period you wish to track. Because you select all the parameters, you can tally just about anything. This gives the app great flexibility.

For example, you can track your medication, nutrition, moods, books read, or countless other activities. Like Done, you’ll have to upgrade to the premium version to tally more than three items at a time. And if you’re using it for habit tracking, there’s no benefit to having this app in addition to Done, as they’ll perform a similar function.

Download: Tally (Free, subscription available)

3. Grateful: Gratitude Journal

Grateful is a simple app that allows you to complete a gratitude journal daily. Choose to get notifications and use the prompt questions to ensure you take a moment to express gratitude every day. You can add photos and as much or as little detail as you like. It quickly builds up into a source you can draw on during a bad day to remember the blessings in your life.

With the free edition, you’re limited to 15 entries, so upgrade to the premium version for unlimited journaling. Alternatively, try these gratitude journaling apps to help boost your mental health.

Download: Grateful (Free, subscription available)

4. Do: Lists and Notes

The Do app markets itself as “the simplest to-do list ever,” which sums it up very well. It’s simple yet contains just about everything you need to keep organized. Add entries, set due dates, get alerts and reminders, and make extra notes: all the basics are here. And there are easy methods for making sub-lists, re-ordering items, and deleting entries.

The free version allows you just 15 entries, so you’ll need the premium edition to keep unlimited lists and notes.

Download: Do (Free, subscription available)

5. Last: Track Time Passed

Last is a tool to help you track how long it’s been since you last did something. It’s a great way to help you quit bad habits, and you could use it alongside these apps to help you overcome addiction.

Like the other apps in the suite, take a moment to enter the details, and then a tiled display will keep a running tally of how long since you last did it. Tap to reset your stats at any time. The app also has a unique and potent motivating feature: if you record how much your bad habit costs, it will happily tell you how much money you’re saving.

You can track three practices with the free version. Upgrade for a one-time cost on this app to get unlimited usage.

Download: Last (Free, premium version available)

6. Moody: A Private Mood Journal

Moody is a mood tracker and simple journal that you can keep very easily. You can log your mood by tapping just one button. Then, add more detail if you wish by tagging the activities and weather using the provided icons and adding notes and even photos. Moody can be as straightforward or as detailed as you choose.

Again, you’re limited to 15 entries on the free version and will need the premium edition to access unlimited use of Moody.

Download: Moody (Free, subscription available)

How to Access the Growth Bundle at the Best Price

You download each of the six apps in this bundle separately and upgrade from within any of them by selecting the Growth Bundle option.

However, the upgrade process is more complicated than it needs to be. Pop-ups within each app offer the premium version at a discount. Even if you love the app, it’s best to reject the first pop-up offer, as each has a second pop-up offering a much more generous discount of 80% or more on the total purchase price.

Further, do not assume that individually upgrading one of these apps will upgrade them all. If you read the App Store reviews, you’ll find plenty of disgruntled customers who made this mistake. You must choose the Growth Bundle upgrade option from within any of the apps to access the full suite of premium apps.

Be careful here, too. It appears that The Growth Bundle is also open to dynamic pricing, and you may find cheaper offers when upgrading in Grateful and Do than in Done app.

Use the Growth Bundle to Organize and Support Your Personal Growth

The Growth Bundle suite provides so many solutions to help you log habits, practices, and moods that you will inevitably find the individual apps overlap, and you may feel you don’t need all of them.

However, like all good program bundles, the similar style and functionality across the suite mean that once you master one of the apps, you’ll feel at home with all of them. And they integrate well with Apple Health and home screen widgets, so you can see your habits at a glance and stay on track on your wellness journey.

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