Got a Nothing Phone (1)? Don’t Expect Your Android 13 Update Any Time Soon

It could take until next June before the Nothing Phone (1) gets upgraded to Android 13.

Android 13 is out. Google’s Pixel devices have received the upgrade already; and Samsung and OnePlus have launched beta programs to test their upcoming updates. But one device that might not be getting it in a hurry is the Nothing Phone (1).

The company has confirmed that Android 13 won’t be available for the phone until the first half of 2023—which means it could arrive as late as June.

Android 13 on the Nothing Phone (1)

Nothing confirmed its plans for Android 13 on its debut phone in a statement to Android Authority. It said:

We are always working hard to improve the Phone 1 user experience. To ensure this, operating system updates will be made available for regular download. In regards to Android 13, this will be launching for Phone 1 users in the first half of 2023. Before releasing, we want to fine tune the software upgrade with Nothing’s hardware. We will be sure to keep you updated with further information.

The announcement came after users had been pressing the company for information on its launch schedule, to which Nothing founder Carl Pei provided the rather defensive response: “A product is more than just its specs, features, and version numbers.”

The phone has been slated for three Android updates—taking it up to Android 15—as well as four years of bi-monthly security updates.

Given that the company had been emphasizing the value of its clean software, offering a near-stock Android experience, and that it had hired a vast team of developers to work on it, there had been an expectation among many that the phone would be a good choice for anyone who wants access to the latest software.

Now, that expectation is diminishing. Of course, “first half of 2023” is vague enough that it could mean the update is just a little over three months away. But equally, it may be that users don’t see Android 13 on their Nothing phones until after Google has unveiled Android 14 next Spring.

Nothing has at least been rolling out regular software updates to fix some of the teething problems the device has had. The battery, the camera, the fingerprint scanner, the trademark Glyph interface, and the general UI smoothness have all been targeted for improvements so far.

Android 13 Updates

Mid-range phones do tend to get updated to the next version of Android later than flagships, the honorable exception being the Pixel 6a which has already received it. By comparison, the Samsung Galaxy A52 got Android 12 in January this year, a month after the S21.

The A53 is likely to fall in a similar timescale for Android 13, and the Nothing Phone (1) could yet match it. If you’re in the market for a new mid-ranger, these remain two of the most appealing phones you can choose from.

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