How to Fix Windows 11’s “We Need to Fix Your Account” Error

If you’re using a Microsoft account on your Windows 11 devices, you might’ve encountered a strange “we need to fix your account” error.

While this isn’t a major problem, it can be annoying, especially if the message keeps popping up while you’re working. So, we’ll take a closer look at what causes the “we need to fix your account” error on Windows 11 and how you can fix it.

Why Do I Keep Getting the “We Need to Fix Your Account” Error on Windows 11?

Most of the time, Windows will display the “we need to fix your account” error when it can’t sync your Microsoft account with processes running in the background such as OneDrive, Office, or Edge. Microsoft can’t authenticate your account credentials and needs to confirm your account so it can sync your services.

Also, Windows might display the error because of incorrect “shared experiences” settings, corrupted system files, or too many connected accounts. Fortunately, there are a few fixes that you can try.

1. Update Your Operating System

The “we need to fix your account” message might be a temporary glitch or bug that’s caused by an outdated Windows version. To fix it, go to Settings > Windows Updates and install the available updates.

If your computer is up to date but the error persists, it’s time to try something else

2. Use a Local Account

Alternatively, you can try logging in with a local account. Local accounts are offline, so Windows 11 won’t keep trying to sync your settings with its online service.

If you haven’t set one up, you can quickly create a local user account in Windows 11.

3. Sign In With Your Password Instead of a PIN

While this is a weird trick, it may be enough to get rid of the “we need to fix your account” error. Sign in with your password, instead of your PIN.

Of course, the PIN is faster to use and there are fewer chances you’ll mistype it, but logging in with your password might get rid of the error so you don’t have to reconfigure your system settings or reconnect your account.

To change your sign-in option, launch Settings and go to Account > Sign-in Options. There, click PIN (Windows Hello) and select Remove. Then, click Password > Change to set up your password.

4. Manage Connected Accounts

You may get the “we need to fix your account” error because you’ve connected too many accounts on your device, leading to conflict. Here’s how you can remove unknown or unused accounts:

  1. Press Win + I to open Windows Settings.
  2. Go to Accounts.
  3. Select Email and accounts.
  4. From the Accounts used by other apps, select one of the accounts that you don’t use anymore and click Manage.
  5. Select Remove this account from this device.

It’s worth a try to reconnect the account you’re currently using. After removing it, click Add account and use your Outlook credentials to sign back in.

5. Disable Nearby Sharing

On a Windows computer, you can use Nearby sharing to quickly share links, files, and folders, with devices close to you. Windows will keep asking you to sign in to your account, so you can use this sharing service. But if you don’t plan on sending files and folders or Nearby Sharing isn’t working, it’s better to turn it off, so Windows will stop displaying the “We Need to Fix Your Account” message.

To disable Nearby sharing, launch Windows Settings and go to System > Nearby sharing. There, select Off.

6. Reset Your Computer

If none of the above solutions worked, you can try resetting your PC. You can select to keep all your data, so you don’t lose any important files and folders while fixing the “We Need to Fix Your Account” error. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open the Start menu and go to Settings.
  2. Select System > Recovery.
  3. From Recovery options, click Reset PC. Then, select the Keep my files option.

Fix Your Accounts on Windows 11

Hopefully, one of these solutions helped you fix the “We Need to Fix Your Account” error. If you need to use a Microsoft account to sync your settings across multiple devices, you should know the pros & cons of doing so.

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