6 Top Social Media Jobs That Pay Well

Social media may have started as a way to connect with people and provide entertainment, but it has, over time, evolved into one of the world’s most powerful marketing tools. As a result, companies are shifting their focus to social media to gain access to its enormous market, resulting in a growing field of social media jobs.

However, since social media jobs are a new development, the job roles can be ambiguous. This article will help to clear the confusion and shed some light on the best social media jobs— their pay, responsibilities, and the certifications you’ll need to impress any employer.

Social media jobs are all about connecting a brand with its target audience. You can think of them as an extension of regular marketing jobs, only specialized in social media. They revolve around popular social networks like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, and Twitter and involve building, developing, and maintaining a digital following.

Social media jobs are highly lucrative, with salaries ranging between $50,000 to $70,000. Below, we’ve listed some of the best social media career titles. However, remember that as it is such a new field, some of these jobs have overlapping responsibilities, so ask many questions before deciding on your career role.

1. Social Media Manager

Certifications: Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate

To become a great social media manager, you must understand the nuances of the different social media sites—for example, how LinkedIn favors long-form content and Twitter short-form. You must also be great at engaging your audience and knowledgeable about current trends.

In this role, you will work closely with social media strategists to execute content strategies as you manage your client’s social media accounts. You may be in charge of several social media accounts across different social media sites, so key skills required for the role are the ability to prioritize and multitask.

2. Content Strategist

Average Salary: $63,801

Certifications: Content Strategy Course

Not all content forms are born equal. Some go viral, while others barely receive views and disappear into the canals of the internet. A content strategist’s job is to figure out what content is relevant and to use that information to develop a content strategy that is on-brand and furthers business goals.

Most content strategists’ responsibilities revolve around creating new content forms and ideas, such as videos, blog posts, and newsletters. However, they also dabble in analytics and explore data from previous campaigns to better understand what content form and length best appeals to their audience.

3. Social Media Strategist

Average Salary: $55,253

Certifications: Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

Social media strategists are trend-watchers. They monitor popular trends, determine if they appeal to the company’s target audience, and develop ingenious ways to incorporate them into their business strategy.

Their job requires that they be familiar with several social networks and may also assist in publishing content and automating social media posts. Additionally, they liaise with content strategists and social media managers to ensure a cohesive social media strategy.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

Average Salary: $48,807

Certifications: HubSpot Inbound Marketing Course

One of the best ways to quickly grow your social media presence is by ranking well for popular keywords. As an SEO specialist, your job will be to ensure that your social media posts also follow SEO best practices in addition to providing actual value.

This highly analytical role requires you to be highly adaptable as SEO rules change frequently depending on the search engine. Some job requirements include performing keyword research, optimizing content, and ensuring site compliance with SEO guidelines.

Average Salary: $53,426

Certifications: Meta Certified Community Manager

Community managers are a crucial ingredient behind the success of top brands like Apple and LEGO. They pick up where social media managers leave off. Instead of solely focusing on attracting consumers, they work on creating loyalty and forging a connection between the brand and its customers.

They do this by monitoring social media spaces for mentions of their brand and engaging with customers. Community manager responsibilities include building relationships with consumers, influencers, and industry professionals, resolving customer grievances, and monitoring the brand community health.

6. Engagement Manager

Average Salary: $70,000

Certifications: Social Media Marketing Cornell Certificate Program

While getting your content in front of as many eyes as possible is essential, it is also vital to ensure they engage with it. Therefore, engagement managers are crucial cogs in the social media marketing wheel. Their job is to drive conversions and get the public to interact with social media content, whether that’s by subscribing, following, commenting, or purchasing a product.

To be an engagement manager, you must understand the psychology of consumers. You must know what makes them click and tie it into your content strategy. For this role, the duties include answering comments and messages, nurturing partnerships with competitors, and reaching out to brand ambassadors.

Although a degree in a related field like marketing, journalism, or advertising is a plus, you don’t need one to get into social media jobs. The field is still nascent, so employers focus more on results than qualifications. Instead, focus on the five steps below to build your social media career.

Choose Your Role

While it’s a good idea to have skill across the board, you’ll find it more beneficial to buckle down and establish yourself as an expert in a particular area. If you have trouble choosing, take inspiration from any of the job roles listed above.

Educate Yourself

The next thing you should do is learn all about your chosen social media job. You may think you know all there is to know about social media, but there is a world of difference between using social media for entertainment and using it for business. Learn about these social media marketing basics by enrolling in online courses and guides.

Display Your Skills

One way to show potential employers that you know your stuff is by demonstrating it with your social profiles. Develop a presence on major social networking sites, and build an engaged and receptive audience. That way, you can easily convince employers to replicate the same for them.

Get Hands-On Experience

You can get practical experience by volunteering to manage the social media accounts of your school, local business, or other community organization. Alternatively, you can apply for internships and learn from experts. Either way, you’ll learn on the job and have practical experience that you can include in your portfolio.

Go Job Hunting

Social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter are great ways to get wind of job openings. Follow brands you are interested in to get notifications of their job openings. Alternatively, you can use these sites to connect with professionals who can refer you for jobs.

Yes, social media jobs are a great career option to pursue. They pay well, and as social media penetration increases worldwide, they will only become more relevant. However, to stand a decent chance of getting a great job in the industry, you must be excellent at your craft and present an appealing social media brand image to potential employers.

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