The 10 Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Beginners

There has been a flood of cryptocurrency apps created now that more and more people are starting to invest. However, choosing a cryptocurrency app to help guide you is overwhelming when faced with the dozens of different portfolio and trading apps available.

Here is a list of the best cryptocurrency apps for crypto beginners and why you should consider each one.

1. Gemini

Gemini allows you to trade several dozen cryptocurrencies, and its reliability has earned the trust of new traders all over the world. Gemini has also developed other features that make it more than just a trading platform.

Founded in 2014, Gemini is one of the United States’ most well-established digital asset exchanges, and it’s one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges because of its security. The platform has never been hacked, and it’s one of the few exchanges fully regulated in the U.S.

Download: Gemini for iOS | Android (Free)

2. CoinBase

Coinbase is a leading cryptocurrency app. You can trade many cryptocurrencies on Coinbase, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, BAT, USDT, and ZRX.

When compared to eToro, Coinbase is beneficial to new crypto traders because it has a very easy-to-use mobile app. It has a friendly interface that is highly intuitive for beginners. You can manage all your trades from your dashboard and even earn rewards for specific coins.

Download: Coinbase for iOS | Android (Free)

3. eToro

The eToro platform makes it easy to trade your cryptocurrencies, but it relies more on short-term trading than long-term. eToro provides valuable strategic data from their most successful online traders (other users) to help you make better decisions.

The 0% commission makes the platform more appealing than competitors who charge a fee. You won’t actually own any of the cryptocurrencies you trade until you cash out, just like with other trading platforms.

Download: eToro for iOS | Android (Free)

4. BlockFi

Instead of putting your money in a savings account and accruing as little interest as possible, you may want to look into BlockFi. The platform claims that you can earn as much as 3%-7.5% interest on your crypto holdings.

You don’t have to create a new portfolio to start earning interest through BlockFi. You can use your existing portfolio and still earn as high as 4% interest on your holdings. Anyone who wants to maximize their interest in BlockFi should consider investing in stablecoins like USDC and GUSD, which can yield up to 7.5% interest.

Download: BlockFi for iOS | Android (Free)

5. WeBull

Unlike some of the other apps on this list, WeBull offers cryptocurrency on top of other investment opportunities like stocks, options, and margins. One of the reasons newbies will like WeBull is the slick mobile app that makes it easy to trade.

The only downside to WeBull is the lack of news content that could help beginner traders get their footing and learn more about their options. However, what it lacks in news content, it makes up for in features and ease of use.

Download: WeBull for iOS | Android (Free)


As one of the most popular cryptocurrency apps in the market, Blockchain has created a beginner-friendly app, so anyone can get started. Blockchain supports numerous cryptocurrencies and allows users to easily store, buy, sell, and manage their Bitcoins and altcoins.

You can make crypto-to-crypto conversions and coin transactions all through the app. The digital wallet also doubles as an interest account, allowing you to earn up to 12% when you set up a savings account, making it one of the best crypto wallets.

Download: BlockChain for iOS | Android (Free)

7. Voyager

Another crypto broker app, Voyager, allows you to trade in more than 60 different cryptocurrencies. The app is great for beginners because you only need $10 to get started.

What makes Voyager different is the lack of control you have over your actual trades. You don’t get to see what they are. Instead, the platform uses its Smart Order Router to invest for you and passes on the profits with no commission. In that, Voyager is more akin to a crypto-robo-account, investing money where it sees fit.

Download: Voyager for iOS | Android (Free)

8. Delta

Delta is a comprehensive cryptocurrency app with a small learning curve for beginners. It’s worth sticking with because it supports over 7,000 different cryptocurrencies, giving you a huge amount of trading options.

The data from the app syncs to multiple devices, so you can access it from anywhere. You also get analysis on your trade history, asset history, asset location, trades, and investment status.

Download: Delta for iOS | Android (Free)

9. Exodus

One of the best crypto wallets in the industry, Exodus is secure and intuitive for those that don’t have any experience with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The more than 125 supported cryptocurrencies make it a reliable option for storage, though the trading fees can be a little steep.

Not only is it a secure wallet, but you can also use Exodus for buying and selling your digital coins while on the go. The range of built-in features will help any beginner get started without feeling overwhelmed.

Download: Exodus for iOS | Android (Free)

10. Blockfolio

There is perhaps no better cryptocurrency portfolio tracker than Blockfolio. The app supports over 10,000 different cryptocurrencies and over 500 different exchanges. Chances are, if you are trading cryptocurrency, you can track it with Blockfolio.

The app allows you to sync your exchanges so that you can automate the tracking process. It allows you to check out the latest prices, market data, trend changes, and the news. Furthermore, Blockfolio is 100% free to use.

Download: Blockfolio for iOS | Android (Free)

The Best Cryptocurrency Apps

Even if you don’t have any experience with cryptocurrency, the apps on this list will help you buy and sell tokens, manage your portfolio, and keep your investments secure in a digital wallet. Each app has advantages and disadvantages, so get an idea of what you want to accomplish and choose the right one.

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