Change the Folder Icons on Your Mac to Give It a Fresh New Look

Tired of all your folders looking the same in macOS? Beautify your desktop and add custom folder icons for your most visited directories.

The Mac is a surprisingly customizable operating system. If you have a lot of folders on your Mac, it may be helpful to add some visual cues to your folders by changing their icons. That way, you can quickly identify them without having to read the title.

Changing the folder icons is a quick and easy way to customize to your Mac.

Where to Find Alternative Folder Icons

If you’re looking for custom folder icons that will change the look of your Mac, look no further than This set offers a wide variety of icons and numerous styles. You can even get icons that resemble Tesla cars or Xbox controller buttons. This is perfect if you want to add a unique look to your folders.

Another great option is They offer unique icons that focus on a drawing style. You can also get colored circles if you want to organize your folders by color. These choices are excellent if you are looking for a variety of icons.

You can use all these images to customize application icons as well.

How to Change Folder Icons on a Mac

Replacing a folder icon might seem like a complex process since it is not immediately accessible, but it’s actually very straightforward. To replace an icon:

  1. Download the new folder icon you want to use from one of the sites above.
  2. Open Finder and Control-click the folder that you would like to change, then click Get Info.
  3. Click the folder icon in the top-left corner of the information window.
  4. If the new icon has an ICN extension, drag and drop it onto the folder icon in the information window. You’re done.
  5. If the new icon has a PNG or a JPG extension instead, double-click the new icon to open it in Preview.
  6. Now press Cmd + A, then Cmd + C to copy it.
  7. Go back to the Finder information window and select the existing folder icon, then press Cmd + V to paste the new icon.

Now you will see the new icon for your folder. In addition to changing your folder icons, there are multiple ways you can customize your Mac through software. There are also ways you can customize the physical appearance of your Mac.

Spruce Up Your Mac With Custom Folder Icons

You can add another level of customization to your Mac’s folders by changing the icons. Of course, customizing your icons isn’t necessary, but it can be a fun way to personalize your Mac. It can even be productive too if you’re the sort of person who responds well to visual cues. If you are, you may want to customize each folder’s background as well.

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