9 Activity Tracker Apps That Will Get You Moving Toward Your Fitness Goals

Technology makes it easier than ever before to monitor your activity levels and check that you’re moving and exercising enough each day.

With so many excellent programs available, you need a rundown of the different features these apps offer that you can use to help record your movement, whatever your fitness level.

1. Strava

Strava is one of the most popular apps for tracking fitness activity. It’s aimed mainly at runners and cyclists but supports a whole range of sports, including swimming, hiking, and gym training.

Not only does Strava work with every recent iOS and Android device, but it also works with an ever-growing list of popular fitness devices, such as those by Fitbit and Garmin. Check the Strava website for up-to-date compatibility.

A comprehensive set of features includes detailed data and performance metrics on all elements of your workout. There are routes and maps to plan and record your activity. Check out how to use Strava to record your walks. The Strava Challenge and Compete function encourages you to push yourself by competing with others and trying to better your own best performance. This competitive element is a key element of Strava’s broad appeal.

Download: Strava for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

2. Nike Run Club

Another app with worldwide popularity is the Nike Run Club app, which motivates you to run consistently and to get as much fun from your running as you can. Nike Run Club has a plan for everyone, from beginners to experienced athletes who are training for marathons. Take on the Nike Run Club Challenges to give you something to aim for each time you set out and make the most of the Nike Run Club app.

The app tracks your runs and offers detailed feedback on your performance. Unique features include Audio Guided Runs that include the voices of world-class athletes and even calming mindful runs with content from the popular app Headspace. You can also integrate Spotify and Apple Music for musical inspiration on your running adventures. The app pairs so well with Apple Health that there is even a special edition Apple Watch Nike.

Download: Nike Run Club for iOS | Android (Free)

3. Couch to 5K

If you’ve ever even thought about running, you’ll have heard of the Couch to 5K concept. It’s a tried and tested method to get in shape, lose weight, and pursue a healthy life, and it comes highly recommended by health and fitness experts. Try it out for yourself with this award-winning app.

The Couch to 5K app does exactly as it says in the title. Simply download the app, get off the couch, and start with the alternating run/walk sequences. If you follow the program thoroughly, you’ll soon find yourself running distances you didn’t think you could achieve. The app integrates with GPS apps and Apple Health, and you can listen to your favorite music streaming service to power you on your way. And the global 5K running community is welcoming and supportive.

Download: Couch to 5K for iOS (Free, subscription available) | Android ($4.99)

4. Pedometer++

This simple app for iPhones uses the step counting capabilities in your phone to keep track of your daily and weekly step count. Set your daily step goal and keep your iPhone in your pocket as you move around to allow Pedometer++ to track your movement. It integrates with Apple Health, so your data will all be logged. And there are a series of challenges to complete, earning badges for your efforts. This app may be helpful if you don’t have an Apple Watch.

Download: Pedometer++ for iOS (Free)

5. StepsApp

StepsApp is a step counter app for both Apple and Android devices. Beautifully designed, this sleek app is highly intuitive to use. You put your phone in your pocket to count your steps, and the app will do the rest. As well as full Apple Health integration and Apple Watch support, this app has a brilliant home screen widget and allows you to display your current step count on your app icon.

Like the other apps featured here, you can set challenges and receive progress reports. But the beautiful design of StepsApp just makes everything look a little bit better!

Download: StepsApp for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

6. Sweatcoin

If the idea of getting paid to move and exercise appeals, you could try the Sweatcoin app. Sweatcoin converts your exercise steps into rewards, and you can earn gadgets, branded goods, and services such as Audible and Headspace subscriptions for achieving your goals. Spend your earnings, donate them to charity, or convert them into a new cryptocurrency, called SWEAT. Get the lowdown on Sweatcoin and the value of its rewards.

Download: Sweatcoin for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

7. Pacer Pedometer

Pacer Pedometer is a step tracker app that combines with a fitness coach to help you set a personalized plan and achieve your goals. It promises to track all your activity, even if you carry your phone in your jacket or purse. The range of features is impressive for a free app. As well as step tracking, there is a selection of fun challenges and guided workouts.

Upgrade to the premium mode for video and audio workouts, extra fitness programs, advanced data reports, and an ad-free experience.

Download: Pacer for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

8. My Swim Pro

If you’re interested in tracking your swimming activity as well as improving your swimming skills, My Swim Pro is perfect for you. This is a detailed app that provides all the data you need to improve your fitness and technique, including distance, time, heart rate, and pace.

Pair a compatible smartwatch, and you can get details of strokes per lap, split times, and more.

My Swim Pro contains a workout library of over 150 stroke-specific workouts. You can build your own plan or allow the app to create a personalized training schedule for you.

Watch videos to learn how to improve your technique. You can also explore some great YouTube channels for improving your swimming skills.

Over 1.5 million swimmers have turned to this app to help with their training. It’s free, but most features are unlocked by subscription. If you do choose to subscribe, a 30-day money-back guarantee allows you to try it out risk-free.

Download: My Swim Pro for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

9. Apple Fitness+

The Activity app built into Apple Watch is the easiest way to get into fitness with your smartwatch. Each day you aim to close your Move, Exercise, and Stand goals.

For a deeper fitness experience, Apple offers a comprehensive fitness service called Apple Fitness+. Using the metrics supplied by Apple Watch, Apple Fitness+ offers 11 workout types through the Fitness app, including HIIT, Yoga, and Strength training. As you work out, you’ll see your metrics displayed in real-time on your Apple TV, iPhone, or iPad.

With a constantly evolving catalog of workouts, Apple Fitness+ is a fantastic service. But you’ll need to own an Apple Watch to get the most out of its features. Apple Fitness+ also requires a paid monthly or annual subscription. If you’re an Apple One subscriber, it’s included in your bundle of services.

Download: Fitness for iOS (Free)

Use Your Tech to Get Motivated and Get Moving

With so many activity tracker apps available, you’re bound to find one to suit you, no matter what fitness level you’re starting from and what type of activity you prefer. From free apps to premium services that require a wearable fitness tracker, there are always challenges and rewards you can strive for. And you can often benefit from an online community to help push you onwards to achieve your targets.

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