6 Windows Programs You Didn’t Realize Steam Had

Steam carries many kinds of programs within its library, from games to development suites. However, did you know there’s a wider range of Windows programs available on Steam?

Let’s have a look at some Windows programs you might not realize Steam had.

Is It Worth Using Steam for Programs That Aren’t Games?

Before we jump in, you may wonder if it’s even worth adding these programs to your Steam catalog instead of just downloading their standalone versions. In fact, if you’re a Steam power user, there are some benefits.

For example, as odd as it may sound, some of these programs come complete with achievements and Steam trading cards. So if you’re into collecting those, why not get rewarded for using powerful Windows tools?

1. ShareX

ShareX is a bread-and-butter program for some. Free and open source, ShareX is a powerful screen capture tool. The program is widely used, so much so that it’s also available on Steam.

This version of the program is identical to other versions of the program, though it does have support for basic Steam features. Your friends will be able to see you running ShareX, and there are community and support pages, but otherwise, this is just one of many Windows programs you can find on Steam.

Download: ShareX (Free)

2. OBS Studio

Another widely regarded and completely free program, OBS Studio is a welcome addition to Steam. It’s the program of choice for many video game streamers for recording and broadcasting their game for all to see, so it’s actually quite unsurprising to find it on Steam.

What’s handy is that, much like ShareX, this is the identical, free program available to add to your Steam library. It’s just nice to have it alongside the rest of your games, so you can boot it up when it’s time to stream.

Download: OBS Studio (Free)

3. Blender

Blender is an amazing way to start exploring your potential for animation, visual effects, digital illustration, and more. It’s a great way to get started with 3D modeling, whether you want to get into animation or just make amazing renders.

If you’re interested, you can add this title to your Steam library at the click of the button. And if you get lost, be sure to check out our beginner’s guide to Blender.

Download: Blender (Free)

4. Start11

Start11 is our first premium offering on this list, and it’s a handy program that lets you customize your Start menu on Windows 10 and 11.

Unfortunately, if you’ve already purchased Start11 on another platform, you won’t be able to connect your accounts and activate the product on Steam. So if you’ve already brought Start11, there’s not much reason to consider buying it again on Steam.

Still, if you’re considering buying Start11, Steam wouldn’t be a bad place for your copy to live. We’ve written about Start11 previously in our piece on best apps for customizing Windows 11, and Start11 definitely earned its place on that list.

Download: Start11 (Paid)

5. Soundpad

Another premium program, Soundpad is well known amongst gamers using voice chat, so it makes some sense to see it on Steam. It lets you play music and audio clips through your microphone feed, meaning you can talk over voice communications with your own custom soundboard.

This entry on Steam is unique in that it allows the user to download a demo application of the program before they purchase it.

Additionally, audio programs like Soundpad can sometimes come with a driver package to install. Steam handles that process for you, making this actually seem like a great deal to pick up on Steam, rather than anywhere else.

Download: Soundpad ($4.99)

6. Vegas 19 Edit

Last on the list, and the most expensive by a long shot, Vegas 19 brings a professional video editing suite to your Steam library.

Vegas 19 Edit doesn’t have quite as many features as the other versions, but it’s still an extremely streamlined and well performing version of the program.

Just be aware that if you buy Vegas 19 Edit on Steam, you are decidedly buying into the Steam version of the app. This means you can only launch it through Steam, and you’ll have to rely on Magix to push their Vegas 19 updates through Steam before you can get them.

However, if you’re okay with this limitation, it’s worth looking into.

Download: Vegas 19 Edit ($249.00)

More Programs Under the Steam Umbrella

Steam seems to continue growing, and might one day compete against all software storefronts, as well as the gaming market it’s already involved in.

While some offerings on this list might not seem overly tempting, we’re sure at least some of them made you raise an eyebrow.

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