The 4 Best Wedding RSVP Websites to Make Planning Easier

Planning a wedding can be a pretty stressful affair, but luckily, there’s a wide range of online tools, websites, and services which can help to take some of the burden off your shoulders.

One such problem can be the RSVPs. Especially when sending out physical invitations, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the different responses, needs, and plus ones of those that you want to share in your special day.

Fortunately, there’s a wide range of different websites that offer different services to help you track and organize your RSVPs. Here are some of the best.

First up on this list we have RSVPify. If you’re looking for a dedicated RSVP service that focuses entirely on making your RSVPs perfect, then RSVPify might just be the website that you’re looking for.

Unlike some other entries on this list, RSVPify doesn’t focus solely on weddings. Instead, it’s an RSVP service first and foremost, with additional options catered towards weddings.

This means that you’re getting an incredibly powerful RSVP tool with a ton of different features for you to use. The most obvious is, of course, the ability to track who can and can’t make it with an online RSVP. This goes great in hand with one of the best wedding planner apps for your perfect day.

This works pretty much as you might expect, with RSVPify allowing you to easily make virtual events that you can then give out links to RSVP to. This cuts down on back-and-forth emails to try and figure out your numbers, as well as the need for physical invitations.

But beyond this, RSVPify comes with a whole host of other useful features. For example, you can create a customizable wedding website using RSVPify’s template to quickly share important information, details, and announcements with guests.

You can easily set up custom RSVP questions as well, so that you can make sure that you know everything you need to know about who’s attending. There are also solid security options to keep unwanted guests from trying to attend.

Next up, we have Zola. Zola is an all-in-one solution to wedding planning that aims to remove the hassle that so often permeates wedding planning.

For instance, Zola includes a whole host of different features that can help you and your guests, such as an online wedding registry, a free wedding website, and even help with finding venues and vendors.

Part of these features, of course, includes in-built RSVP, save the date, and invite features. If you’re not sure what it is exactly that you’re looking for, this is a great time to get ideas, as Zola features a huge range of different options for you to look through.

If you’re a fan of physical save the dates, then Zola can help you to find matching papers and a whole host of different envelope options, with free samples available for you to choose from.

If you prefer something digital, Zola has you covered there as well. You can easily send out your save the dates by text, email, or DM. Or if you’d rather a hybrid approach, you can even have these digital designs mimic the physical ones that you can send out later.

If you’re looking for a wedding planning website that can give you a whole lot of different useful features as well as a heavy emphasis on RSVPs, then look no further than Joy.

Joy functions as an online service that aims to make wedding planning easy, which means that you’re able to find an impressive range of different options within it. For example, setting up registries and guest lists is super simple using their website. Of course, you can always look for one of the best gift registry apps for wedding gift wish lists, instead.

Where Joy begins to really stand out, however, is with its wide range of different RSVP and save the date tools. There are options here for invitations, guest lists, and your own wedding website, though the most important is its Smart RSVP tool.

This service allows you to easily simplify the RSVP process for your guests and their plus ones. You can group your guests easily based on who they are bringing, as well as set up custom RSVP questions such as meal choices or even song requests.

If you’ve got a lot of wedding events planned, then you can use these RSVP features easily to track who is coming to what all from one place, as well as easily track their responses as well.

The UI here is super easy to understand and helps to give you an exact idea of how many people are coming to what, when, and where.

Finally, we have Say I Do. Like many others on this list, Say I Do is a dedicated wedding planning service with a huge range of different features, including a digital RSVP service that makes things easy for both you and your guests.

There’s a bunch here to sink your teeth into, such as a customized wedding website, personalized checklists, and an in-built seating planner. Guests can include their own information on the guest lists, which reduces a lot of the overhead on your part, with the final say being up to you.

The real draw here, however, are the online wedding invitations and RSVP tools. With these invitation and RSVP tools, you can easily track who is and isn’t coming to your event with ease, and can even include a whole host of useful information for your guests as well.

Any information that they want to include, they can, and you can set up helpful tips or itineraries for them to follow on your big day. What you put here is up to you, and up to how you want to organize your wedding, after all.

Make Wedding Planning That Bit Easier

As you can see, there are plenty of online tools and resources to make planning your wedding day easier than ever before, and they all offer a wide variety of different tools and ways to make that happen.

With such an important date, there’s no reason to take chances, so why not see what does and does not work for you? There are plenty of websites to try, and no better time to do so than now.

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