The 14 Best Games for the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch might not sound like the most likely gaming platform, but many developers have used it to great effect. From interactive fiction to brain teasers, and arcade classics, it’s amazing how much fun you can have staring at your wrist.

It should come as no surprise that these games are primarily aimed at short bursts of gameplay. Some of them require an Apple Watch, while you can play others on both the wearable and iPhone. Let’s take a look at the best games for Apple Watch.

1. Pocket Bandit

Pocket Bandit is a solid time-waster that makes excellent use of the Digital Crown. In it, you take on the role of a safe-cracking thief. The game uses haptic feedback to let you know when you’re close to cracking the code, at which point you tap on the screen and do it all over again.

You’ll have to work quickly against the clock if you don’t want to get caught. As you move from level to level, you’ll encounter difficulty spikes. If you’re caught you’ll lose some of your ill-gotten gains, so stay out of trouble if you want to set a new high score.

Download: Pocket Bandit ($0.99)

2. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack needs no introduction. Just like Trivial Pursuit, the game fires questions at you from a range of categories, which you must answer using multiple-choice answers. Trivia Crack for Apple Watch simply puts the action on your wrist, so you can play anywhere at any time.

Spin the wheel, read the question, and answer directly on your Apple Watch.

Download: Trivia Crack (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Lifeline: Besides You in Time

The choices you make will determine how Lifeline: Besides You in Time will play out. Continuing the long and popular series, you can start the text-based adventure on your iPhone or iPad and switch to the Apple Watch.

Focusing on the hapless astronaut Taylor who is stuck on the other side of a black hole. Your help, or lack of it, will guide the branching story. After completing any single path, you can dive back in and see what happens if you make another choice.

Download: Lifeline: Besides You in Time ($3.99)

4. Par 72 Golf Watch

Hit the links on the (very) small screen of the Apple Watch with Par 72 Golf Watch. The game brings a very Golden Tee-like experience to your watch. You can select from one of three courses—mountain, desert, or seaside.

To hit the ball, you’ll rotate the Digital Crown. It’s a surprisingly fun way to play. The on-screen graphics show 3D hills, water, sand traps, greens, and more. There are also wind and distance indicators.

In the free version, you can play hole one on each of the three courses. A paid upgrade will unlock the entire game.

Download: Par 72 Golf Watch (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. Twisty Color

Twisty Color introduces another interesting way of putting the Digital Crown to use. The game requires you to collect as many balls as possible by turning the Twister to match the corresponding color.

If it sounds straightforward, that’s because it is. It’s proof that you don’t need a complex concept to create a fun and addictive game. This is the sort of title that’s perfect for a five-minute blast while waiting for your train.

Download: Twisty Color ($0.99)

6. Wrist Nebula

Head to the stars in the battle adventure game Wrist Nebula. You’ll be saving the galaxy asteroids, ships, and bosses with unique ships and abilities. To make it easy to play, you can Quick Start right into the action with a random ship and star system.

In the Adventure mode, you can choose a ship you’ve collected and travel to a star system you prefer. Then you’ll choose a path to battle, each with various enemies. You can also change the difficulty level for a tougher experience.

Download: Wrist Nebula ($0.99)

7. Infinity Loop: Blueprints

There’s no need to worry about a learning curve when playing Infinity Loop: Blueprints on your Apple Watch. In the simple and relaxing puzzle game, you’ll rotate the different pieces by selecting them on the screen with a tap and then using the Digital Crown. You’ll try to create an infinity loop.

The game is also playable on your iPhone or iPad. While it’s free, an in-app purchase can unlock additional puzzle packs.

Download: Infinity Loop: Blueprints (Free, in-app purchases available)

8. Tiny Armies

Tiny Armies is both an Apple Watch and iPhone game. The wearable version lets you undertake epic (if simplified) battles from the comfort of your wrist, as you swipe the screen to conquer enemies, navigate lakes, and traverse mountains and forests.

You can play solo or jump on iMessage to challenge your friends. It’s a tactical game that’s perfect for short bursts of gameplay, and comes at a bargain price.

Download: Tiny Armies ($0.99)

9. A Tiny Game of Pong

Who doesn’t want to play Pong on their wrist? Turn the Digital Crown into a precise paddle controller with this wrist-sized version of the original arcade and console classic.

There’s really not much else to say here: it’s Pong, on your wrist. Play as a standalone game on the Apple Watch or with your paired iPhone additional functionality.

If you’re interested in more retro gaming for your iPhone, find out more about these video game emulators you can install.

Download: A Tiny Game of Pong ($1.99, in-app purchase available)

10. Lateres

Lateres is Breakout for your Apple Watch. Just like Pong, Lateres allows you to use the Digital Crown to control the paddle for precise brick-breaking action. Lateres also works on your iPhone, which gives you two ways to play.

The game is a nice little value, providing 20 levels.

Download: Lateres ($0.99)

11. Tap Master

Even though the premise of Tap Master is simple, it’s a truly challenging Apple Watch game that makes great use of the device’s haptics.

You’ll try to tap at the right time while the circle is above the target. Close the rings and reach the target score to move to the next level. While it starts out easy, the game gets progressively more difficult. Complete all the levels to unlock an endless mode.

Download: Tap Master ($1.99)

12. Rules!

All you have to do is follow the rules to win in this brainy puzzler. You’ll test your memory, perception, and even your reflexes as you play through the challenging levels.

After you solve one puzzle, move onto the next level with the rule from the previous puzzle in mind. Do your best to keep the rules straight in this fast-paced brain test. The game offers three modes; beginner, expert, and timeless.

Rules! is a fun challenge to explore on your Apple Watch for your next break between classes or in the office.

Download: Rules! ($2.99)

13. Star Duster

The retro game Star Duster is twice as nice for Apple Watch gamers. There are two separate game modes to select from in the game that takes inspiration from early handhelds like Game&Watch.

One game mode is level based and the other is lives based. Each one offers different challenges and gameplay styles. There are two difficulty levels to select from. Change the look of the game with two skin choices. And make sure to connect your AirPods as the game also features a fun soundtrack.

Download: Star Duster ($1.99)

14. Brainess

For another cool brain challenge on your wrist, take a look at Brainess. You’ll be tested on your memory, math skills, and matching abilities.

There are seven different games to pick from including Dice, Signs, Numbers, and Colors. Stimulate your brain on the train while on your way to work to start your day sharp with Brainess.

For more ways to give your brain a workout, try these great brain-training mobile apps.

Download: Brainess ($0.99)

Enjoy Fun Apple Watch Games

With all these unique experiences available for Apple’s wearable, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that it’s also a timepiece. But even with the small screen and limited control options, these games prove you can have fun with the Apple Watch.

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