7 All-In-One Tools Websites to Discover the Best and Most Useful Online Apps

There are a lot of useful online apps that can save you time and energy in doing everyday tasks. But with over a billion websites out there, how do you discover them all? These sites curate the best and most useful online tools so that you can easily find them when you need them.

1. Tiny Wow (Web): All Types of File Converters and Editors

If you need to do anything with any file, fire up Tiny Wow. It’s a remarkable collection of nifty tools that let you convert, edit, or manipulate files while maintaining your privacy. Plus, it’s completely free and requires no registration.

Tiny Wow broadly divides its tools into PDF, Image, Video, File, and Other categories. You can do almost any everyday task with these, like blurring an image, trimming a video, merging or unlocking PDFs, converting CSV to Excel, making QR codes, generating Lorem Ipsum dummy text, and more. It’s a shockingly wide range of tools.

Tiny Wow lets you upload files directly from your computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Plus, it’s serious about your privacy, as it deletes any files 15 minutes after the task is completed.

Inspired by Tiny Wow, Liaqat Ali decided to make a similar site with many tools that he couldn’t find on the original. But FreeTinyTools retains the best parts of Tiny Wow; namely, it’s free, requires no registration, and deletes all files after 15 minutes. There is an option to sign up for the site, but we couldn’t figure out any benefit of doing that.

Free Tiny Tools includes tools for conversion, text manipulation, image editing and conversion, online calculators, unit converters, binary converter, website management, development, and other useful stuff like password generators or YouTube thumbnail downloaders. There’s a handy search bar to find what you need quickly. And you can toggle between light and dark mode themes for the website.

Like Tiny Wow and FreeTinyTools, Common Tools is a collection of lightweight and useful online apps that you can use for free. Again, you don’t have to sign up to use them. The website claims to have over 100 of these nifty free tools you’ll need often.

The collection at Common Tools includes apps across categories such as 5G, converter, CSS, editing, general, programming, text analysis, unit conversion, Web, wireless, and writing. You can filter by these categories or search the site to find what you need.

However, do note that Common Tools doesn’t delete your data or file 15 minutes after usage, unlike the other two sites.

The motivation to use online apps is mainly to do a task in a jiffy. So when these tools ask you to register first, it can be annoying. No-Signup Tools handpicks only those online apps which require no registration, so you can start using them immediately.

You can browse through the entire collection of tools or filter them by categories such as design, marketing, social media, developer tools, communication, teaching, writing, productivity, surveys and polls, courses, file hosting or sharing, utility, privacy, finance, and remote work. You can also sort tools by top-rated, staff picks, or alphabetically.

Each tool appears as a little card, with a screenshot of its homepage and a short description of what it does. The card also includes a heart icon, which you can click to add a tool to your favorites (saved in your browser cache). You can sort by favorites to get to the best no-signup websites faster.

If you’re a developer, you’ve probably found yourself googling to find a JSON to Form converter or a CSS gradient generator. You need these tiny tools regularly but don’t want to bother installing them as an app. That’s where Toolsdome comes in.

The website packs 27 of the most common tools developers need into one website, which you can use for free and without signing up. The apps include text tools, generators, conversion tools, editors, color tools, cheat sheets, and other nifty items.

Remarkably, Toolsdome can also be used offline on Chrome. So if you install it as an app and run it, you can operate all these tools without an internet connection.

Entrepreneurs know that you must don many hats when founding a new startup. And budgets are tight, so you’re trying to spend as little as possible. Startups.FYI has a directory of the best free tools for all your various requirements.

Each tool is listed with a screenshot of the page and a short description of what it does. Unfortunately, the directory isn’t sorted by categories nor has a search function, so you’ll have to browse through all the stuff listed there.

Going through it once should give you a good selection of tools several startup committees recommend to new entrepreneurs. Once you scan the tools and bookmark anything you want to use, sign up for the newsletter, so you know of future updates to the directory.

If you’re a creator, you must check out the fantastic collection of useful tools curated by CreatorBase. Now all of them are free, but a large number are. More importantly, these are the best tools for the job, so many of them are worth paying for.

On the website, you can filter the directory of tools in two ways. First, you can choose what type of creator you are, from options such as visual artist, TikTok or Instagram creator, streamer, podcaster, musician, blogger, designer, writer, and so on. Second, you can choose the type of task, such as website building, monetization, email, marketing, investing, social media management, testing and feedback, sales, etc.

Each tool has a detailed page with its description, founders and year of inception, pricing model, and funding raised. Readers are also free to share comments about the tool.

How to Manage Bookmarking Online Apps

With so many excellent and valuable online apps, it becomes difficult to remember them all. So the best thing to do is to create a bookmark folder called “Online Apps” and save your favorite links.

You can use the Bookmarks Bar to save online tools you use often. You can also strip off their name, leaving only the favicon, so it looks cleaner and fits more links into the bar.

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