How to Write and Publish a Nonfiction Book with Reedsy’s Help

A nonfiction book takes a lot of work to produce, from planning to publishing it. Fortunately, there’s plenty of support available in the form of Reedsy’s resources and services for indie authors.

Get to know exactly how the platform can help you write and publish nonfiction. Follow its tips and develop a strategy that includes smart tools and techniques.

Make the Most of Reedsy’s Nonfiction Guides

Reedsy offers a wide range of guides for every stage of the nonfiction creative writing process. Here’s how its resources can benefit you the most.

Learn About Types of Nonfiction

If you’re familiar with the best sites for finding books to read, you’ll have come across all kinds of genres and subgenres, even in nonfiction.

To make sure your own publications succeed in this competitive industry, you must understand the different genres and what makes their best books tick.

So, the first resource to dive into is Reedsy’s guide on nonfiction types and genres. With its insights, you can plan your next fact-based book or work out how to define and perfect your current one.

Understand Creative Nonfiction

Another decision you need to make when writing nonfiction is what style you’ll use. Will your approach involve a journalism-like focus on facts, or will it hinge on a personal narrative?

To help you know your options, explore Reedsy’s insights into creative nonfiction. Read books of that type and decide whether it’s the right style for you.

Outline Your Book of Nonfiction

Before writing your book, you must plan its structure so that it addresses your subject matter and resonates with your target audience effectively.

Learn everything about how to outline a nonfiction book with Reedsy. You’ll then be able to develop the best manuscript possible.

Write Your Book

One guide to keep especially close is Reedsy’s tutorial on writing nonfiction books. You’ll find lots of tips on what to include and how to handle these factual narratives.

For the best results, combine this resource with writing tools like grammar and spell-checking software. Even free worldbuilding apps might come in handy when structuring nonfiction.

Publish Your Book

The final stage of a nonfiction book’s journey is its publication, which you’ll find much easier with expert advice.

Reedsy’s guide on publishing nonfiction can teach you several best practices, while highlighting elements that differ from publishing books of fiction.

Invest in Reedsy’s Nonfiction Services

Apart from useful guides, Reedsy gives you a whole marketplace of professionals you can hire.

Nonfiction Editors

No matter what you’re working on, never publish your work without having it professionally edited first.

In that regard, Reedsy’s nonfiction editors are available to browse and hire. Just click Request a Quote on promising candidates and choose the best match for your book.

Ghostwriters for Nonfiction Book Proposals

Book proposals are a vital part of the traditional nonfiction publishing process, so you need to make sure the proposal you send to agents and publishers is perfect.

If you’re not sure how to go about it, a ghostwriter is a great solution. They can advise you on the matter and use their experience to write the proposal for you, so take a look at Reedsy’s ghostwriters.

Create the Best Nonfiction Writing Strategy

Reedsy puts plenty of guides and professionals at your disposal. All you have to do is look through them and choose the most helpful for writing and publishing your nonfiction book.

But don’t stop there. As already suggested, look into apps that can improve your process. Think about what support you need, from outlining to marketing, and get your hands on reliable tools.

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