How to Unsend and Schedule Emails in the Mail App With iOS 16

With iOS 16, Apple made it possible to schedule or unsend emails you send using the stock Mail app on your iPhone.

You’ve probably heard that iOS 16 introduced the ability to edit and unsend iMessages, a feature that was long requested. Not many are aware, but iOS 16 also added similar features to the Mail app, giving you the ability to unsend and schedule emails.

Many iPhone and iPad owners use other email apps that have this feature. But now that the native Mail app has them too, the Mail app is back in the running for being one of the best email apps. If you want to schedule or unsend emails in iOS 16 from the Mail app, here’s how.


How to Schedule Emails in iOS 16

If you’re writing an email on your iPhone or iPad and want to schedule it for later, you can easily do so with iOS 16. To do this, you need to hold down the blue Send button in the Mail app once you’ve drafted your email.

When you do this, you’ll have several scheduling options appear. You can also tap Send Later to choose another date or time.

Once you tap the day and time, Mail will automatically schedule the email for the time selected. When you do this, a Send Later folder will appear in the Mail app. You can manage all of your scheduled emails here.

How to Unsend Emails in iOS 16

If you want to unsend an email, you will have a short window to do so after you send it. Once you send an email, you will see the option at the bottom of the screen to Undo Send.

To unsend, just tap this and it will unsend the email. However, you only have about 15 seconds to do this. It appears that this feature delays your email from sending for that amount of time, giving you the chance to undo it if it was a mistake.

If you use your Mail app frequently, consider deleting all of your emails as well to clear up space and organize your inbox.

Can Someone See if You Unsend or Schedule an Email?

When you unsend an iMessage, the user will get a notification that the message was unsent. Some might wonder if it’s the same for emails you unsend in the Mail app. But because this feature works on a delay, the recipient won’t know you unsent this email.

This delay feature just means it waits about 15 seconds to actually send the email in the first place. Similarly, no one will know if you schedule an email because it simply won’t send until the set time.

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