12 Best Wooden Wick Candles for the Perfect Ambient Crackle


Just when you thought the candle game could not get any stronger, we’re here to introduce you to the world of wooden wick candles. Candles are a vital component of any relaxing moment, and the only thing that could top lighting one up is an actual fireplace. Well, what if I said you could turn your bedroom into a fireside fantasy without the bother of safety buckets and pokers? Trust me, once you hear that gentle crackle, your entire candle collection will begin to gather dust to make room for wooden wicks and wooden wicks only.

At the end of the day, a candle serves as peak self-care for me. Nothing quite relaxes and settles my soul like the sound of lighting a candle and the warm glow it adds to my room. It doesn’t get any better… until you add in the sound of a crackling fire without the hassle or price point of a fireplace. Wooden wick Candles are simply elite when it comes to setting the vibe. They don’t need to be trimmed to avoid that black soot rim and offer a clean-longlasting burn. With the added bonus of taking the typical relaxing properties of a candle and amplifying them by adding in a fireside feel that you cannot match.


Type of Wax: The type of wax your candle is made of is important for all candles, but especially wooden wick candles. Depending on your preference, your options are synthetic waxes such as paraffin which tend to throw fragrance exceptionally well but they do tend to have a smokier burn. However, with soy, beeswax, or coconut wax candles you can get a cleaner burn with a slightly less intense scent.

Scent: Regardless of the wick, the scent of your candle is the most important element. Wooden wick candles give an extra crackling earthy vibe, so you may find yourself leaning to deeper fragrances such as oud or fireside to really complement it. But don’t worry, you can also find your usual favorite scent, whether fruity or floral, in wooden wick form.

Crackling: Of course, the major selling point of a wooden wick candle is the crackling sound effect it gives. The type of wooden wick candle you opt for can dictate how intense of a crackling you’ll get. We have a variety listed below, but generally the wider the wick the louder the crackle.

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