The 8 Best Online Communities for Introverts

Are you an introvert who’s tired of the stigma associated with introversion? Well, even as an introvert, you don’t have to experience certain things alone. You can find a community of similar individuals who understand your daily experiences.

If you’re looking for relatable content, or you’d like to connect with like-minded individuals, there are a variety of websites that provide you with just that. In this article, we’ll look at eight online communities and websites for introverts.


If you’re an introvert who wants to develop great conversation skills, IntrovertSpring is the perfect platform for you. This platform provides tools to help you improve your interactions with people.

You can find tools like cheat sheets and blog posts to guide you through conversations. These tools can teach you to work through the awkwardness of not knowing what to say when you’re interacting with people.

If you want help in kick starting your romantic life, this website has a flirting guide and date checklist to guide you through your first date. That’s not all, IntrovertSpring also gives you the option to get a dating coach. That way, you can overcome the blocks that come with dating as an introvert.

Introvert, Dear is the largest online community and blog site for introverts. This platform aims to provide a safe space for introverts and highly sensitive people.

On this website, you can find information on the eight introverted personality variations, and learn how to navigate through love, dating, and friendships. You can also find essays and personal stories from other introverts.

Sometimes, introverts have a hard time going to interviews or dealing with situations in the workplace. Luckily, Introvert, Dear has a job and career archive to provide you with useful tips to thrive in the workplace.

Silent Book Club is an online community for introverts who love to read. Unlike typical book clubs that steal the joy away from reading by giving you homework, or where you might feel pressured to say something smart.

The Silent Book Club allows you to enjoy an online communal reading space where you don’t receive homework, and you can enjoy the simplicity of reading with other people.

The Silent Book Club has various reading chapters around the world that you can join. Most of these chapters are based on location, even though they are virtual. If you don’t find one close to you, this platform allows you to start your own virtual book club.

If you’re looking for ways to thrive in the workplace as an introvert, this is for you. Joining groups for introverts on LinkedIn can help you understand how to handle situations in the workspace as an introvert.

Not only can they help you improve how you interact with your colleagues, but these groups can help you empower yourself as an introvert. Many introverts believe that they need to work an office job where they’ll be hidden from people. However, that’s not always the case.

LinkedIn groups allow you to receive advice on how to be a leader, how to carry out business presentations, and many other scenarios in the business space that introverts would typically avoid.

r/introverts is a subreddit with over 300,000 members. This is a platform where you can discuss introversion and find support from a global community that relates to your experiences.

This subreddit is great for anyone who’s keen on reading about personal experiences. It is also a good place to find advice from people who may have a deeper understanding of navigating through life as an introvert.

No question is too small or too big in such communities, you can get advice on anything, from navigating party life to conversation tips.

Here’s another platform that allows you to join groups with introverts from all over the world. Meetup is a social media platform where people host physical and virtual events and activities.

The aim of this platform is to build communities where people can interact based on common interests. Meetup has over 200 groups dedicated to introverts, and with over 190,000 members spread across these groups, there’s no doubt that there are plenty of other introverts who seek support online.

Some groups discuss other topics related to introversion, such as shyness, social anxiety, and issues that are faced by highly sensitive people.

Diary Of An Introvert is a website that aims to inspire introverts to embrace who they are. This website initially started as a journal where an introvert simply wanted to document her experiences in an extroverted environment.

Diary Of An Introvert is now a platform that regularly shares content to help you maneuver through introvert life. You can find a variety of book recommendations, as well as an introvert club you can join where you’ll receive access to diary sessions from a team of introverts.

To join the introvert club, you’re simply required to sign up using your email address.

If you’re looking for ways to cope in an environment filled with dominant personalities, this website is for you. The Strategic Introvert aims to make introvert life easier for you by providing relatable content and solution-based blogs.

The website also has a quiz you can take to help you identify whether you’re a strategic introvert or not. When you’re done with the quiz, you will receive a score and the website will highlight areas that you need to improve on to become a strategic introvert.

According to The Strategic Introvert, introverts need to be strategic to handle dominant personalities, and if you need professional guidance in doing that, you can find courses on this website that will help you train your mind to think more strategically.

Introversion isn’t the same for everyone, and there’s no one size fits all method. But, finding an online community for introverts can help you gain support from people who express compassion for you and have gone through similar experiences.

Whether you’re looking for expert knowledge or you simply want to share a safe space with everyday introverts, these websites will help you.

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