You Can Now Use Capture One on Your iPad

Today’s world is pushing us in two converging directions. First, hyperconnectivity means we are always seemingly on call. Second, the COVID 19 lockdowns unleashed a work-from-home revolution that is still going strong.

If you are a busy photo editor that likes to get their work done during the commute home, or you actually do work from home, Capture One has made that a little easier to do on your iPad. Here’s what you need to know.


Capture One Comes to Your iPad

Busy photographers out there will be glad to know that Capture One, the popular and powerful raw image processing software, is now ready for the iPad and can be downloaded from the app store as of July 28, 2022.

Capture One says that the new iPad app is not just a replication of the desktop version for the iPad. On the contrary; it is exclusively built from the ground up specifically for the iPad.

Capture One for iPad is not free, however. The app is available at a subscription of $4.99 per month. This package offers unlimited file transfers between your iPad and your desktop; but it only allows a storage limit of 1000 images on the cloud.

The company is offering a free 7-day trial when you start a subscription.

Features You Can Expect From the Capture One iPad App

The Capture One iPad app has the same processing power, image quality, and color rendering functionalities as the desktop app.

Capture One allows you to go through the entire process on the iPad: import photos, cull photos, adjust or edit the photos, and export the final photos straight to your clients or colleagues from the iPad.

The interface has been designed for iPad interaction. Thus, you can manipulate it with both thumbs, one hand, or even just a pen.

Although it is the same software as the desktop version, the iPad app is missing some notable features for the time being. These include tethering, masking, and layering, which will be added to the app later on.

Tethering is not included in the original package because, according to Capture One, it is a challenging feature to develop for the iPad. In addition, because the iPad app was designed with mobile photographers in mind, it has been released without tethering so as not to delay its release. However, this feature will be added later.

The comprehensive list of included features and upcoming features is listed in the Capture One blog post.

Users Are Not Happy About the Subscription Fees

Although Capture One for iPad is a brilliant innovation, there’s no one-time purchase option.

Instead, users will have to pay a subscription to access this app and also to access the cloud features in Capture One Live. In addition, if you don’t pay for a perpetual license for Capture One Pro, you’ll have to pay a subscription for that as well.

This means you have to pay three different subscriptions instead of one single subscription, which has left some customers complaining loudly online. Some have threatened to switch to Adobe Lightroom, which they argue is the same or even better than Capture One, but without all the fees.

However, most users seem excited that Capture One for iPad is here, as they can finally leave their laptops at home.

Edit on the Go With the Capture One iPad App

Capture One is a popular photo editing software among both professionals and amateurs alike. Now that it has come to the iPad, it will be easier for outdoor photographers to do their jobs without having to carry along bulky laptops for image processing on-site, or anyone who wants to edit on the go.

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