How to Enable Camera Grid Lines on an iPhone and Take Better Photos

Turning on grid lines in the Camera app makes it easier to take prettier photos on your iPhone.

Apple has put in a great deal of work to make photography one of the iPhone’s greatest attributes. Numerous features contribute towards this, some of which are not even found in the Camera app itself. One feature that falls in this category is the camera grid lines.

Camera grid lines aid you in following the “Rule of Thirds” of the photography world. Never heard of that before? Well, read on to find out what the rule of thirds is and how you can enable iPhone camera grid lines to implement it.


Using the Rule of Thirds to Take Better Photos

Simply put, the Rule of Thirds in photography states that you can create a stronger image by placing the subject of at the intersection of grid lines splitting the image into thirds. This means the focal point of your image shouldn’t be in the center, but should be either in the left third or the right third of the frame.

Doing this will give your photographs stronger balance and better, and your photos will tend to have a more professional look. You can apply the Rule of Thirds without the grid lines if you’re an experienced photographer, but the iPhone’s camera grid lines are a fantastic aid for beginners.

How to Get Camera Grid Lines on an iPhone

You won’t find an option to enable camera grid lines in the Camera app; you’ll have to go to the Settings app instead:

  1. Open Settings and go to Camera.
  2. Under Composition, turn on the toggle for Grid.
  3. Open the Camera app to confirm if you can see the grid lines on your screen.

You will see two horizontal and two vertical grid lines to make three columns and rows, thus making it easy to implement the Rule of Thirds. Moreover, the grid lines can be seen in every iPhone camera mode.

Boost Your Photography Game With Grid Lines

Grid lines are a perfect guide for photographers, helping them to balance everything in them frame and apply the Rule of Thirds. You can’t enable them in the Camera itself, but they’re worth a minor detour to the Settings app.

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