How the Rootd App Can Help You Manage Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Many people experience panic attacks, and you might have even had one without realizing it. If you feel your heartbeat racing accompanied by sweating, light-headedness, and dizziness, then you’re probably experiencing a panic attack.

When you’re suddenly overcome by a powerful panic attack, what do you do? Staying in control is the key to managing panic attacks, and now there’s an app that can help you do exactly that. Learn why the Rootd app is the ideal tool for managing anxiety and panic attacks.


What Is Rootd?

Rootd aims to be panic attack and anxiety relief right in your pocket. Primarily, it is an app that helps you get through these extreme fear responses using lessons, journaling, a panic button, and various other tools and exercises. The app is divided into six parts: Lessons, Breathr, Journal, Sleepr, Visualizr, and the Rootr button.

To see how far you’ve progressed, Rootd features a handy My Stats page where you can view your statistics. Here, you can track how many panic attacks you’ve conquered, the lessons you’ve completed, and the Warrior Points you’ve collected. You earn Warrior Points each time you complete any sort of task, whether it’s a breathing exercise or a journal entry.

Explore Rootd’s core features and why it is one of the best apps for relieving anxiety and panic.

Download: Rootd for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

The Rootr

Perhaps the most important tool in the Rootd app is the Rootr button. The Rootr provides help when you start to feel panic and anxiety overcoming you. Simply put, the Rootr is a big red panic button that you can tap to activate instant assistance.

When you press the Rootr button, you have two options depending on how you’re feeling. One route takes you through a series of reassuring statements that can help you face an overwhelming panic attack. Take the second route if you’re feeling strong and ready to take on a panic attack with confidence.


The lessons on Rootd consist of three categories: Understanding Lessons, Short Term Lessons, and Long Term Lessons. All the learning material in the first category is completely free and covers the basics of anxiety and panic attacks. For example, the Causes & Theories lesson discusses the most common triggers of anxiety disorders: chemical imbalance, upbringing, and chronic stress.

Short Term Lessons focus on immediate actions you can take for relief, while Long Term Lessons help you get through the rest of your life without anxiety and panic attacks. You have to become a premium member to unlock the Short Term Lessons and Long Term Lessons.


When you’re stressed out and overwhelmed, it’s easy to forget to just breathe. Breathr is the perfect tool to get yourself through a situation like this!

You can use this as an app for practicing deep breathing by tapping on Breathr and selecting how many minutes you want to focus on your breathing. From there, the Breathr tool plays gentle music and guides you through when you need to inhale and exhale. Unfortunately, without subscribing, you don’t have the option to practice deep breathing for more than one minute.

Before you begin, Rootd recommends finding an undisturbed, quiet place to sit. Remember to remain relaxed as you inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.


One of the best tools available on the Rootd app is the Journal. You might underestimate how effective writing in a journal can be, but it can help you track your daily feelings and take note of possible anxiety triggers.

The Journal tool is straightforward to use; simply select a date and input how you’re feeling. You can then note three things you’ve accomplished for the day and add additional notes. This section also allows you to enter a voice note in your journal, which is great if you’d rather speak instead of typing everything out.


A lot of the time, anxiety connects directly to sleeping problems. Not only is it harder to fall asleep when you’re swamped with excess emotions, but a lack of sleep can cause more anxiety. So how does the Sleepr tool make Rootd an effective app that can improve your sleep?

Besides being an app with relaxing nature sounds, Rootd features a selection of calming music and soothing sleep stories. If you want to be gently lulled to sleep, listen to The Sleepy Snowman, a story that’s only 10 minutes long and has pleasant voice narration and soft music. As like with the other tools on Rootd, you have to sign up to unlock all the content.


A body scan is an active mindful meditation practice where you tune into your body’s sensations. This practice trains you to be more present in your own body. On the other hand, visualizations require you to concentrate on imagery to focus and center your mind.

Visualizr is the perfect tool for both body scans and visualizations! The visualizations make you feel as if you’ve been transported somewhere else, like a relaxing field or a beautiful winter day. Additionally, you can listen to a quick two-minute guided body scan to center yourself if you’re ever feeling anxious. Be sure to practice both body scans and visualizations regularly to get the most out of the Visualizr tool.

Does Rootd Genuinely Help With Panic Attacks?

Panic attacks often occur without warning, and the feelings are intense enough to make you feel like you’re losing control. Sadly, during a panic attack, it’s not always possible to have immediate access to a counselor or therapist. The Rootd app is always in your pocket and available at the times when you need it most.

If you suffer from anxiety disorders or panic attacks, then the Rootd app may be a great help. The app is interesting and easy to use, and the Rootr panic button is easily one of the best tools to help you feel instant relief. It’s clear that the app’s developers want to help make a difference in the lives of people who struggle with anxiety.

Should You Sign Up for Rootd’s Premium Membership?

The core features of the Rootd app are free; however, the free content is somewhat limited. For unlimited use of all the tools and lessons, you need to sign up for Rootd’s premium membership. You’ll have the option to try the first seven days for free. Thereafter, you’ll need to pay for a monthly or annual subscription.

Even without paying for a subscription, the free version of the Rootd app can do so much for those coping with panic attacks and anxiety. Yet, with so much useful information and helpful tools, Rootd’s premium membership is relatively affordable.

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